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4/8 c18 2Scarlette Winter
Ahhh this ending. This epilogue is everything I needed.
3/22 c18 6Phishouttawatta
Beautiful <3 thank you for gifting us such a wonderful story
3/1 c18 The Queen Of Souls
I loved this epilogue so much. Itachi is one of those characters whom I've always maintained deserved a happy ending and since Canon fell way, way short of that, fanfic is my only resource for that. I love ItaKanna so much and I loved this story so much. Thank you for writing it.
12/28/2023 c17 Phishouttawatta
Oh I love that you let us know it was kakashi. I was prepared to never know, and it’s so like him anyway. I looooove it

Congrats on another wonderful story
12/28/2023 c16 Phishouttawatta
Anbu grateful that the honorable tiddies have been erased from his memory lmao
12/27/2023 c15 Phishouttawatta
Itsg if you kill this cat…
12/25/2023 c17 2Scarlette Winter
The ending they deserved! Than you for writing this, it was truly a joy to read.
11/24/2023 c14 6Phishouttawatta
Its interesting to me that the illusion is so strong and itachi is so strong. I imagine its too easy for there to be a way for it to be replicated to include the correct history, to fight fire with fire
Obviously that would age a person even further and be risky, but to constantly have to doubt your own mind? that would he nightmarish, even more so when the man you love chooses you, but not under the pretense of absolute freedom to do so
11/24/2023 c15 alexisawesomeduh
*slow claps* Well done. Well done, my friend. I love Itachi with his short hair. And now that Kanna’s brothers are older and hot now lol. I also like the realness of Itachi and Kanna fighting. As always, well done.
11/5/2023 c14 alexisawesomeduh
I love how much he cares. I feel bad for Kanna. But Itachi is so loyal. My favorite part is when Kakashi asked if hewould leave her, and Itachi said, “How could I?” Swooooooon
11/5/2023 c13 alexisawesomeduh
How dare you tease us like that. Lol I need more.
11/5/2023 c14 2Scarlette Winter
oooof. love the new undercut. I'm so anxious to see how Kanna recovers, and why, but I can't understand why Itachi is suddenly so adamant that he must marry her. Is it out of guilt that he's the reason she's in this state? Out of concern that this is the illusion that she's lived and she wouldn't survive another reality? idk idk
11/4/2023 c14 12Amaterasu53
ha: "a warning"
Great chapter!
10/25/2023 c13 2Scarlette Winter
I hope so badly that they have a happy ending :( Excellent chapter yet again!
10/24/2023 c10 6Phishouttawatta
He is so obsessed with making himself a martyr, it’s frustrating
The world isnt what he knew, and he should take an example from those who are most like him in terms of self-pubishment

If Kakashi and Sasuke can find comfort and happiness in love and family, there’s literally no reason he cant as well

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