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for Hoodwink!

2/13/2023 c7 stalarmik
Great story so far, can’t wait for more. Hope you are a. Good day.
1/28/2023 c6 ngalot3
Glad to see a new update!
12/5/2022 c5 2ChaosHammer
Even though I know nothing about DTO2 that was a fun story to read, about on par with one of your other stories Brothers. 10'000 volts is probably my least favourite so far, but it is still good. Usually I find I like the Pokemon stuff more. Hopefully I can pick up a few s writing tricks from you.
11/26/2022 c5 ngalot3
This is real cute. I wanted you to continue this story, but you go decide where it goes best. Good luck!
11/20/2022 c4 ngalot3
Thanks for the chapter & clarification. I haven't saw the event showcase vid. Don't worry about the lore, you're doing great at it given how convoluted the canon is. I was just curious because I know there is no pink moonshard in-game.
11/12/2022 c3 ngalot3
This is really great. I think you nailed it on giving more character/depth on Hoodwink. Keep it up.

Although I think you're basing the Moonshard on Selemene? Cuz of the pink instead of grey. If so, is this following Dragon's Blood lore?
11/5/2022 c2 ngalot3
Nice to see some doto fics. Keep it up.3

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