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9/30/2004 c1 16BlueRascal
That was just so true!
1/25/2004 c1 12Amber Evans Potter
o.o oh my... this WAS very odd. ^^ and I was not aware you were male. Interesting... there aren't many of those in the ff.net world. ^_^ hehehe.
8/27/2003 c1 RogueDragon5
luv de fic
8/24/2003 c1 a rabid fuzzy elf
this sucked! I didn't like it from the first part about you! Jeez, what's wrong with you!
8/7/2003 c1 2Roarky
Boy, the comment Bobby made at the end sounds just like you with Alone I Fall. LEARN HOW TO COMPLETE A FIC YOU IDIOT!
7/6/2003 c1 7Chaotic Boredom
Nice. About half of the Authors you mentioned are on my favorites. Author bashing. Hm...might become a new type of story! A revolutionary idea! Go Air Pirate! Jean actually told Scott his shades were dorky? I never thought she had it in her... Are you continuing? Otherwise I'll spam you! That's a pretty sorry excuse for a threat. Oh well. Have fun author bashing!
7/6/2003 c1 5Jean Ororo Rogue and Kurt
I like Jean/Scott...

There's only about 14 of us, but we DO exist you know...

Dija know that if ya type in Jean in the Find thing, 34 outta 50 are Jean bashings?

I don't get it, really...

7/6/2003 c1 Cheese Simian
That was so funny! Hee hee hee. Makes me wanna pee my pants. Er, sorry. Go Internutter and Kalaki! Okay, I'm sorry for that. Forgive me? I wasn't mean to Jean in my Evo fic though, honest! I just made her a tad obsessive. *shrugs shoulders*I just couldn't control myself. *evil grin* Erm, okay. I'm sorry I scared. Me go now. Cyak! -Cheesy
7/6/2003 c1 Suzaka
Ehh...I'm not in here but hey...maybe I'm just too boring for them to rag on me about! ::Shrug:: Either way, sounds like fun

7/6/2003 c1 23DxBellx29
That was so friggin hilarious! I laughed mah butt off! Kudos!
7/6/2003 c1 18Dark-English-Rose
LOL! Funny...
7/6/2003 c1 74todd fan
Oh yes, VERY proud of it whoahahahahahhahahahahha!


I feel honoured to be included *grins* thank you :p
7/6/2003 c1 34Panther Nesmith
Non updateing Authors SUCK! I laughed a lot. You didn't mention how ROgue gets paired up with every amle imaginable. That ticks me off a lot. Anyway, coolness! And Todd Fan is truelky awesome. And Internutter. Hell, all of 'em are cool. *starry eyes* I hope someday someone writes about me. I'm crazy. Really!

Ah well. Muy Bien and other such remarks!
7/6/2003 c1 5Jayness
hahaha...no offence to some authors out there...but this was so true!I don't mean about how you write but loving kurt, hating jean/scott...etc.

whoever reads this review...can all bash me when I actually write a fic...(so I shouldn't actually be talking)

Anways...I LIKED IT! Are you going to update?
7/6/2003 c1 3no thanks nora
oh... that was great! i always wondered what the characters would think of fanfiction. I recognized some of the authors, Todd Fan's my fav. You should do another chapter!
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