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for Stepping Into The Sky

3/4 c5 Guest
Glad to see you're writing again and doing a Firefly/HP crossover! Please keep it going! Everyone else has given up on this topic...
2/3 c5 LunaLuna99999
I hope you continue this. It’s great
1/23 c5 35robert32514
Damn Harry. Lesson learned,... indeed!
1/18 c5 LunaLuna99999
Great story so far, can’t wait for the next chapter
12/14/2022 c5 2AvidReader2425
I admit, sucks that he was robbed, lol, but at least he had one hell of a night. Thanks for another enjoyable chapter, and I look forward to how the story will develop in the future.
12/14/2022 c4 AvidReader2425
Another excellent chapter, thanks. Annoying that fanfiction stopped at the email notifications for some reason or another. Lol, I fell behind by two chapters.
12/9/2022 c5 QuadChroma
I'm really enjoying the story. The backstory for how Harry got to the Verse leaves a lot of room for mystery and discoveries. I also like that Harry is underpowered, but not powerless and is trying to be independent and learn.

Looking forward to seeing more of this.
11/22/2022 c5 Valiryo
Ha! That was funny, nice chapter.. looking forward to more!
11/20/2022 c5 Guest
The end of the last chapter seems like a cop-out, especially since Harry would be more than a little paranoid on a new planet, but I suppose the drinking is an excuse. The real question is whether or not Harry figures out how to regain his magic. Given that he was well-known for causing accidental magic through out the series, the chances of the infamous "Potter Luck" interfering sson enough are practically a given.

Good luck.
11/20/2022 c5 17nagiten
it harry own fault if he been humiliated he thought it would be easy yet he barely knows anything about the world about working he cant reallly do much of anything and he isnt qualified to do anything even if he was the experience is years out of date it his own fault really if he feels degraded for not thinking things through he could of helped on the serenity using what magic he can, he can cook he could use his cloak to spy and track people. he htought life would be like it was on earth he should of known better he harry life never gos to plan
11/19/2022 c4 1Jimbocous
Nice one so far. Thanks!
11/19/2022 c4 dan.lew.upg
will harry find rements of the magacal world
11/19/2022 c4 Smokinbarrrel
Good update, thank you. It is a rare story where the author separates Harry from the main cast and storyline, and just uses the universe to tell a totally separate; or, tangentially related tale. I am very much looking forward to where you take this. Have a gooder!
11/18/2022 c3 3Xieren
Looking forward to this
11/16/2022 c3 TitusVorenus
Please continue with a Kaylee/Harry pairing.
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