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for Stepping Into The Sky

5/14 c16 12malith13
Oh my. This is super good.
5/11 c16 ggf1
Checking Firefly fic after a long time away. Great story. I must admit the slaghter of the light side at the start was uhhh off-putting but I feel neessary. I'm glad I am reading, not the usual Firefly fic. Thanks!
4/27 c16 cameron1812
The organizing of Rivers mind. Fantastic !
4/24 c16 3WhiteElfElder
I get the feeling they will find a person with Magic and that will be whom they have been asked to retrieve. Of course they are likely to have to kill the one that took her because he knows.
4/24 c16 starboy454
Excellent update
4/24 c16 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
4/21 c15 Laklak1
Raul, great chapter!
4/16 c15 Ratus
I am enjoying the story and ooking forward to more.
4/13 c15 starboy454
Excellent update
4/13 c15 WhiteElfElder
Figures there would be a Snape still around. However, Harry will not yield...though he would be more than willing to git rid of Voldemort forever.
4/13 c15 cameron1812
Oh yeah, love this! Snape' ancestor needs harry to finish off voldie once and for all Superb!
4/13 c15 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
4/13 c15 Eliczo
A lot of this story is very familiar, its not the first time its been posted. So is this a re-write?
4/13 c15 George Cristian810
I am out . This became way to stupid .
4/11 c14 cameron1812
Amazing n
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