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for Haunting the Seas

11/16 c17 LoweredUp
pls continue thissss
11/10 c10 LonesomeWendigo
Oh, don't even do that! Your story is a million times better than 90 percent of the stuff on Webnovel and that particular one is absolute sewage water compared to yours. So long as your Mc doesn't lose Fishman Karate/Jujutsu most people would be fine with it, barring the absolute naysayers.
11/4 c17 huuduy.nguyen1234567890
Update pls i’m craving them chapters
11/3 c17 4bibidibabidiboom
This is the worst cliffhanger ever in history of cliffhangers.
11/2 c14 Johnystring
Yamato is a man
10/31 c17 LoweredUp
10/25 c17 Rabbitz32
thank you for the chapter I love all your stories I read them here and on the webnovel
10/16 c10 Rabcor
Wdym One Piece: Reborn as a Fishman by HolyJoker?!

This story may be a stupid ass power fantasy where the protagonist grows unrealistically in power and can just ignore the laws of the universe he's in

But One Piece: Reborn as a Fishman by HolyJoker is an even stupider, even worse written power fantasy about a dumb as bricks psychopath going alll the way on plot armor and author horniness alone...
10/15 c1 Rabcor
-My second desire is the staple of One Piece: Devil Fruits.

I want two. One for me and one for Eve."

"Ya want a devil fruit for yer ship?" The actually surprised Death repeated before a broad grin began spreading across his face and a giggling fit took him into all out laughter. "GRAHAHAHA! That's brilliant!" -

No it's super dumb. What's the one biggest weakness of devil fruit users?

Where is a fishman strongest?

Answer to both is the sea, the ship wouldn't be able to use the fruit and he'd be the most useless fishman.
10/17 c17 LordDarkness89
damn,with Yamato joining the crew is pretty strong,you already got your core commander
10/16 c17 Waleon
This is great, love it and need more
10/12 c12 Guest
Welp I'm out, sure it's your story and you can write it how you want, but changing 23 to a male, nope not down with that BS
10/10 c11 anubis1650
I actually agree with you on the downsides of the devil fruit any power should have a downside if it is too op and how you design the fruit I would say it's extremely powerful but I think you balanced it out very well in my opinion. I disagree with the change of gender to male mostly because I kind of thought you were shooting for a all-female crew the reason being is I'm pretty sure all male Kozuki are horn balls and that would let the MC be a horn ball but not someone like Odin who screws around and possibly abandons the women that he does so with granted I don't disagree that much with the gender change that much but it seemed like a good addition to the female side without any gender-bending which I've always been on the fence with. I think it would have worked better if you were going to go that route use the Wolverine character as the template instead of X-23.
Which I know is a bit nitpicking but when you said X-23 that got stuck in my head. Long story short(yes I know too late) I don't think story wise adding a male member or changing the gender of a character's template just to balance the male to female ratio is a very good idea.
10/9 c1 anubis1650
I like the concepts of the story but I have to say I have a big disagreement with any fish man or half fish men characters getting a devil fruit unless they can train out or negate all the devil fruit weaknesses. The reason for this opinion is the biggest advantage of being a Fishman character is being able to dominate anyone else who's not a fish man in the sea. The only time I see this not happening is when there's a outlining reason like a huge power difference even then they technically don't need to fight to beat anyone just drag them down. The world is mostly comprised of ocean and a lot of the powerful people in it basically become powerless when they get dunked and the other ones normally cannot breathe or fight particularly well in the ocean. Just take a look at Arlong he was weak trash but in the ocean even people quite a bit more powerful than him could not fight him heck he could have easily beat the straw hats if he just tried to drag him into the water or fought them at sea.
10/9 c2 hunterx400x
I honestly don’t understand your logic of castrating someone. Like beat up the dude or anything but castrating him and taking his manhood is shity thing to do even if he is a drunken shit. But then again you are from society where men willingly castrate them self because there wife ask them for it.
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