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11/1/2022 c7 Revo777
interesting story so far, but the mc is a fish man, a swordsman and a karateka, maybe a gunman soon, wouldn't adding a devil fruit add weaknesses?
10/31/2022 c6 montykinomovie
could you change the currency name to Berry, Beri or at least Beli. Belly is quite awkward
10/31/2022 c6 IcySneasel
love this story can't wait for more
10/31/2022 c6 Dwight Christian Nobela
morgiana for the wiiin!
10/30/2022 c1 chunky678
Dude I love the set up for this fic and your marvel one! It's so cool that you didn't just have the godly competition thing just be for one fic
10/30/2022 c5 Frescko
Hope Yamato and Adam get together… like just imagine the monster that would be born with both of their genes
10/30/2022 c5 Damian Hendriks
damn adam gonna be busy protecting fishman island from the pirates and slavers..
10/30/2022 c5 raph772
honestly i hope he doesnt eat the fruit, maybe feed it to his sword instead? I just feel like the disadvantages of devil fruits arent worth it for fishmen
10/30/2022 c5 NastySquire
Glad I found this author. Can't wait for more chapters
10/28/2022 c4 Guest
To be fair, I don't think he should travel with the Roger Pirates. Also, Tami has to stay alive. Whether she joins Adam's crew, or lives with Shyarly. Do not let her die please.
10/30/2022 c1 Blackday768
I'm very curious about your story.

It's already very interesting.
10/30/2022 c1 goodmancharley77
love it
10/30/2022 c4 NazgulBelserion
Will Hiyori be sent to her brother during the whole Kaido thing?
10/27/2022 c4 C
Absolutely loved the chapter. Keep up the fantastic work!
10/27/2022 c3 Guest
3 chapters in and im already hooked, plz keep going and dont drop
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