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for Haunting the Seas

10/3/2023 c17 dan.lew.upg
Can't wait for more
9/29/2023 c17 Blue-Happens
this is awesome! I haven't seen anything past the time skip, but this provides enough detail and explanation that I still fully understand! very well done.

I could read a hundred chapters about Adam here, it's very engaging. good luck with whatever you're up to today
9/29/2023 c17 huuduy.nguyen1234567890
Just finished binge reading this and oh boy was it good. I need moarrr
9/25/2023 c17 1Poseidon93
Love the story!
9/23/2023 c17 ClassHole
Did you have a stroke before you wrote the last sentence of this chapter? Seriously lol what the hell.
9/21/2023 c17 Guest
Keep on keeping on this story slaps hard af
9/23/2023 c17 Teemz007
W yamato, too 3 girls in OP (still think oda was weird with not making her join luffy)
9/23/2023 c17 Teemz007
Just leaving a comment as support, since I dont think theres anything like powerstones or likes
9/20/2023 c17 Guest
Keep the updates coming

Hope you expand to a big harem
9/21/2023 c17 1MrTexHex
You almost got me with the spectra bit I won't lie. Good job
9/20/2023 c17 Hazyimp
This is great
9/18/2023 c12 snakehulk
i am sorry, but this story is incredibly boring, it just doesnt hold my attention at all
9/20/2023 c6 Shortmike24
this was a gay ass way to end the chapter. hes still a kid and is training himself. he doesnt have anytime to be helping some useless bitches.
9/17/2023 c17 Guest
This is great screw anyone who says it sucks
9/19/2023 c17 hearthyguy
Almost a year for this story and still no bounties and no ships. Even if the pacing is done well (childhood arc and the now wano semi-arc) I will not be surprised if you get burnt out since you still have a long way to go, storywise. I recommend watching compilations or reading other fanfic in hopes you get that spark once again. There are far few OC One Piece that slaps and this is one of them, so thanks! I sincerely hope you will do well in writing and at irl. Btw which Harry Potter fanfic did you wrote in webnovel, if you don't mind?
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