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for Haunting the Seas

9/16/2023 c17 Guest
love it
9/18/2023 c17 1Bag of Holding
More people are following and favoriting cause it slaps.
9/18/2023 c17 arispuffer
I think I found this story earlier today and then proceed to spent the rest of the day binged it. Aside some minor spelling mistake I have nothing much to complain.

Thank yoh very much for your story!
9/18/2023 c17 2GoMagikarp
99/100, just wish the MC would stop simping for the strawhats.

Waiting 20 years for them to show up, instead of just doing it himself is a headscratcher. If Luffy could go from barely beating the Arlongs of the world to beating Kaido in like 4 years, then the MC should be fine doing the same in around the same if not a little longer. No need to wait two decades for canon, you know?

And deciding to eventually give away his dad's sword to zoro since he's it's 'destined wielder' is lame as heck. Adam is an amazing swordsman himself and will only get better in time. Why can't he be the destined wielder?

Besides that, fantastic chapter.
9/15/2023 c17 Guest
To be clear I do admire Adam taking the chance to plan out the rebellion and help out more what I find absurd is that he’s going to wait the full 20 goddam years to murder Orochi and drive out the Beast Pirates

Yeah things would be better for some than in canon but more would still suffer overall plus that’s just letting the Beast Pirates time to grow stronger to

It’s like Adam is lightly treating some symptoms rather than dealing with the whole infection

Seriously at his rate of growth he should be stronger than Kaido in like 2 years max and in that time he could gather a crew get them to Yonko crew level and bam with the prepared rebels the Beast Pirates are out

But no for whatever asinine reason Adam is sticking to waiting until the full 20 years since Toki made the prophecy have passed instead of doing the job himself

Also find it funny that he’s not even planning on keepin Emma for himself which makes me question what Meito is he actually going to keep hell he could have taken the Nidai Kitetsu while he was at it to

Anyway will say happy overall to see this get a new chapter after so long

I’m thrilled Adam meet Yamato this chapter to and that he at least will be taking her on as a crew mate

Hope he does something about her/him calling themselves Oden tell them to not live as Oden live as Yamato

Anyway eager for the next chapter hope it’s out soon

Oh and lastly liked learning another feature about his Spirit Fruit
9/17/2023 c13 dkainallen
should've kept x 23
9/17/2023 c17 2FunkoHero15
Great fanfic. I really lime adam as a character ans all of the other members of his crew. I can’t wait to see the next chapter. I hope you continue to the end. Also, i kinda hope Adam and Yamato get together.
9/17/2023 c13 dkainallen
trash trash trash shouldve kept Laura because the gender change shit ruined everything
9/17/2023 c12 dkainallen
Logan trash shouldve kept laura
9/17/2023 c12 dkainallen
trash trash this story has became shit with the gender change shit fu. ck this worthless story you ruined it
9/17/2023 c11 dkainallen
nooooooooo mc needs a female only crew for harem is supreme
9/17/2023 c9 objectivepersona
i am pretty sure whitebeard considered oden his brother, not his son
9/14/2023 c17 Guest
I can already tell that Yamato is going to be an amusing if interesting part of this story
9/16/2023 c1 dkainallen
the devil is weird
9/16/2023 c17 dragon slayer of death 98
wooo Yamato waifu get, if she is gonna have a devil fruit, what are you gonna give her, I'm hoping for byakko fruit or a named oni fruit like shutten doji, Ibaraki douji, ibuki douji, and Ōtakemaru
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