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for The Rift: Unification through Steel

2/17 c24 8Wangbu
Land Kruzer Ratte!
11/12/2023 c23 Xxxxxhggg
Can't wait for next part also can earthbender realistic sink a tank or change the terrain
8/28/2023 c21 Xxxxxhggg
I hope you post the next chapter quickly
7/11/2023 c18 Wangbu
Great Chapter again! Yeah, I'm pretty sure something is up in those mountains.
7/3/2023 c17 Xxxxxhggg
It would be interesting if you write the whole legend of korra series I am interested to see the conflict between non bender and bender which is a missed opportunity now that non bender suddenly gain new power through innovation
3/18/2023 c15 Rico
Author pls fix this chapter, the Japanese Navy has been disbanded in 1945 they were replaced by JMSDF along with the other branches of the Imperial Armed Forces of Japan which is know known as JSDF.

The JSDF is comprised of JGSDF or Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force which is the Army, JMSDF or Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forcw which was the Navy and lastly the JASDF or Japanese Air Self-Defense Force which was the Air Force, i hope you reconsider it.
3/4/2023 c14 2Old fashioned Soul 2360
As much as I want to read this story I need to read the first part and then I’ll properly write a review on this, but the story itself seems extremely interesting and downright amazing in terms of world building. I do hope that it is completed.

Stay safe out there.
1/31/2023 c11 ahelfrich05
I'm shocked by the lack of reviews for this story especially given how great this work is along with the lack of real world avatar crossover fics I'm excited to see how this story will end though especially once republic city is under attack
1/4/2023 c9 ReDDoT Shooter
I think that Kuriva's empire might be supplying their own resistance as a means to justify having all this military power.
12/18/2022 c8 EmpireStateofNY
I wonder what the Mechanical World will do once it comes time for Kuvira to start conquering places like Zhaofu and later the United Republic. Normally I'd say we'd intervene to some extent (definitely give the URN weapons etc), but I predict the Russo-Ukrainian war has left our world to "occupied" to deal with Kuvira leaving the story to progress similar to how it did in the show. (or at the very least, our world views the Ukraine war as "more important/pressing" so Kurvia does not face the full backlash one would expect from our world)
12/9/2022 c7 nliochristou
that's ch6 you posted again not ch7.
12/9/2022 c7 ReDDoT Shooter
Just so you're aware, you reposted the previous chapter.
12/7/2022 c6 2axelkurian121
CNN and fox praising kuvira wow i hope the next chapter deal with kuvira taking power
11/16/2022 c4 axelkurian121
I kinda wanna a chapter oh how countries reacted to equaliser moment
11/13/2022 c3 Matheus Bezerra de Lima
Yasuho and Jun's conversation was pretty good, and also nice exposition. Nice to see the combination of metalbending with guns exists.
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