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4/6 c11 jjay221
I am so glad I decided to read this.
4/4 c1 1CyrusWolfricFaust81194
This is such a tough choice !

I can't pick between body types.
Naruto and One Piece re my childhood!

Who needs Harry Potter Magic ?!
4/4 c23 CyrusWolfricFaust81194

I have been trying to understand Nenthe Force for years!

But no number of videos or wiki articles or anything else made sense
4/1 c20 PinkPandaBear0
hope your ok re reading again and found you an hope you are well i truly do i love your work
3/24 c64 Ricee
i miss this story, it was going so well.
3/24 c64 Ydhra
damn, 4th reread, and still as good as the first one. Hope u doing great mr. author nd i wish i would see an upload soon. Do take your time though, wouldnt want to pressure u. Anyways ake care
3/10 c64 29Bokunoherogamer
Yo gnomebob you ok you havent written anything a while hope you’re ok
2/23 c63 Guest
Small thing that I noticed, earlier you had the X-men being part of the sealed metaknowledge, which is why the other player went by armory as opposed to magneto, so why is there a character called shadowcat? There’s no real link to the listed abilities besides the reference, so wouldn’t that name not occur to the players?
1/15 c64 ghost boy 952
love this story. make sure to reread it every ince in awhile. hope you update it again soon, or post something new. big fan of all your work
1/3 c63 11Stiltskin the Story Teller
Man, just finished re-reading this story, and I can't WAIT for more! it is well thought out, decent in its aproach to various aspects of the power systems used, and has several places where I can't wait for certain events to see what happens. An excelent example is the Star Wars Return of the Sith arc; I am not, and probably never will be, a Star Wars fan (space creeps me out), but I can't wait to see how the powers that be amongst the Sith and the Jedi react to Rayleigh and his code!

Also, thought: Reality and Harry Potter Magic go well together, and Nen or Haki really fit well with Soul, you could make a solid case for Dragon Ball Ki being Power, and the Force is basically pure mind... so how are these systems going to interact with the Infinity Stones? ESPECIALLY since the Infinity Stones ONLY interact with things from within the reality the are from, and they vastly lose power when applied to things from other realities? Looking forward to finding out!
12/27/2023 c1 Guest
This story is a masterpiece, can’t wait to read it all again later ️️
12/13/2023 c63 30Regress Returner
i really really really effing love thiss
11/25/2023 c49 4SoralTheSol
Oh god my ribs. that last bit between Morel and Ray was fantastic.
11/9/2023 c6 MFstories
The constant reminder that he has meta knowledge and cant use it as well as his grown mental character being in the background is getting pretty grating.
11/5/2023 c63 TheRoyalDragoon
Have you considered an encounter with
Santa Claus on Christmas?
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