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2/24 c34 DarkDrgon
I didn't want it to end. As for Battles its more time/ budget thing that shows have.

I wondered who made the podium between the other match. (Katie vs Vivica) Battle for Bronze.

So Excited for E4 & Champion!
2/19 c34 9LadyArcanine
Great chapter once again.

I like the nod to Katie as she seemed a really interesting character (crazy to think she was only a one-off character in the anime). I also appreciate that we jumped ahead a bit for now. Battles are always enjoyable but it's good to know where to draw the line. Gotta focus on the characters and plot after all.

Wonderful work and I look forward to more.
2/18 c34 Force Smuggler
Amazing battle
2/18 c34 hc94436
Looking forward to the continuation battle of Ash vs Morrison!
2/14 c33 Force Smuggler
Amazing battle
2/13 c33 LadyArcanine
Always great to see another chapter go up.

Getting multiple battles into one chapter can be difficult, but I think you handled it very well. I also like that you're having Ash strategize as he goes, since he is supposed to be older here in contrast to the anime's version of events. A more mature Ash requires a more mature battle/strategy after all. And the nice little additions to Morrison's character are much needed and appreciated.

Keep up the great work.
2/13 c33 hc94436
I'm hope that Ash will beat Morrison and that the hero will outsmart him like he does to other tough opponents that he faced!
2/12 c6 DarkDrgon
Can't wait to see the update.
2/12 c33 DarkDrgon
You are very welcome. Remember it was 3 Double Battles. So would it be possible to get a clip of both Ash & Morrison's 1 & 2 other Double Battles?

I liked the fact you had mentioned Morrison had Competed in the Hoenn League b4, but Lost due to not being able to fight a Friend! Nice little nod to the anime. Who was the friend?

As for the Ty & Gabby Fight I think they should still Miss it, but get quite a few Tag Battles from the people who saw it!

Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the League.

PS. One thing you Forgot the Moltres Flame Torch Lighting.

PSS. Hope to see Katie, Vivica, Paul and maybe a few others. Wonder what Tyson up to. Him Winning what ever League he just Competed in if he's not here.

PSSS. For the baby PLEASE let them have Twins! Remember Lisa from the 3rd movie; LA has that headcannon of her being Ash & May's Daughter from the Future!

Keep up the GREAT work!
2/5 c1 Guest
Do you visit Wikia/Fandom? If you do, how about visiting the Wikis that have been made, like the Love Interest Wikia, the Shipping Wikia, Superpower/Powerlisting Wikia/Fandom, Hero Wikia, Villains Wikia, The Fanon Shipping Wikia, etc.? Make sure you read the rules if they have any like on the Main Page, the policy page, the Navigation bar, the rules page etc.

If you want, you can become an administrator. You can access pages that administrators can only access. For Wikia like "Love Interest Wikia," etc., you can make categories without asking the Admin's permission because you’re an admin. Some Wikia/Fandoms need to have more than one administrator, like the Love Interest wiki, etc.

You can look online for help as well, like reading things like romance-related categories on Wikipedia, TVTropes etc., watching things like Hallmark Movies etc., going on video websites like BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix, etc., and also in the real world.

Many Wikia/Fandom Wikis need help Love Interest Wikia has pages that need to be updated and it’s missing certain pages. Also for a bit of advice for those who want to edit the love interest Wikia/fandom; for the gallery section of the character pages do romantic moments images like 2 characters that share a kiss images etc., you have to write down the love story of that character and their respective(s) love interest to show them off as a love interest and that Wiki allows former and current love interests. If you have any problems talk to the Wikia/Fandom staff.

There are unused images on Love Interest Wikia/Fandom and you can put the proper pages.

You can search the pages you to find or visit a wiki on Wikia/Fandom by searching any Fandom community, you can use the search box available through the magnifying glass icons on the Fandom bar to the left and the navigation bar at the top of every page.
2/5 c32 Force Smuggler
Wonderful battle
2/5 c32 DarkDrgon
I LOVE the Start to the League! So the next (few) chapter or 2 gonna be on the 3 Double Battles!?

However I just Realized you put them all in the same room, with 8 beds, why is it set up this way? Is this how the Anime did it? Its Very Disturbing, Super Uncomforting, & also Unrealistic! They should more or less have separate rooms.

I do find it a Quite a Shame Tyson wont be here. "When Tradgedy Strikes the people need a Hero to Believe in!" Since he Hails from Mauville City and given it was basically Destroyed in LA's Original Story TTP. With people getting hurt & possibly dying they need something to rally behind. And Rebuilding their info Structure. Even if he's Not in the Hoenn League persay, a News Story of where he is would be Greatly Appreciated.

If he (Tyson) is here I'd say a TOP 4 Finish would be BEST! The Honor of Winning the whole League Tournament belongs to Ash!

PS. When will the previous chapter be updated? (Mistake) When Serena in the Finals of GF she's Facing Robert, but when she talks to Ash on the video phone she said she Faced Dawn. So who WON in the TOP 8 Drew or Dawn? Sorry its still a confusing read.

PSS. Next time Focus on the Double Battles, 3 Battles & 6 Captures Please split them up evenly.

Can't wait for the next one! So Excited!
2/5 c32 30Darkknight55
A great way to start off the Hoenn League.
2/5 c32 hc94436
Looking forward to when Ash and Morrison face each other and I hope Ash wins!
2/5 c32 9LadyArcanine
Wonderful to see the story continue.

Seems at least for now that things are going pretty by the book. But for preliminary matches that's to be expected. Not like every battle needs to be some grand spectacle. My favorite moments are always when everyone gets to just relax and hang out. And of course, relationship fluff is always appreciated.

Wonderful work as always and I look forward to the next chapter.
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