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1/8 c6 2TheAstrix
The premise is really great. I love it. However, there are few problems I have with this universe.

1. Why does Subaru go along with being a Stargazer and a Prince with one group of people, but then tells another group that he actually isn't a Prince, but he's just a random merchant? Doesn't that make ANYONE suspicious at all? If this is going to be realistic, Subaru is bound to make a mistake and accidentally reveal that he isn't a Vollachian Prince to someone, which will cause rumours to fly around. And those rumours will cause a revolt because Subaru is a usurper.

2. From what I understand, this story begins in the same way as canon. So what changed for Puck to become so active and manipulate Emilia into manipulating Subaru to get what she wants?

3. This character doesn't feel like Subaru very much. More like a robot/encyclopedia. I mean, who talks like this? "Puck and Beatrice can handle the rabbit. They were there when Daphne the Witch of Gluttony created them to solve world hunger, but thought it hypocritical that we would expect them to not fight back." This is pretty much copypasted from the wikipedia and changed into a dialogue form. Also, is nobody going to question Subaru? Every piece of history these characters know has been changed by what Subaru is saying. A bit of denial would make the characters feel more realistic.

But this is just a criticism from a random guy on the internet. You don't need to listen to it.
1/5 c1 GammaOmegaDelta
I read the A/N to get an explanation and after that, what happened was that I not completely agreed with you, you not only had a point but are absolutely right. But my infinite retardedness considers that just because you are right doesn't mean you are correct. If you don't know what I'm trying to add here, don't bother. I was just messing with you like how you messed me up with this chapter..
1/5 c6 GammaOmegaDelta
What the fuck is going on? Why is Emilia suddenly the most important person in goddamn loop fest?! Why the fuck is this Subaru so obsessed with protecting Emilia?! And why is he taking advise from a morally bankrupt cat of all of people?!
1/5 c6 GammaOmegaDelta
Dude, what the fuck is this house of cards show?
12/15/2022 c5 ssahu72731
What is protecting subaru's sanity at this point? It's interesting. The pacing is a bit fast, and sometimes it felt as if people are needlessly giving information, like I thought subaru would try to keep a mysterious aura, and not go of like he has died 1200 times. Or how puck says he's raised Satella. But then again,we as readers won't be able to understand his suffering. The story idea is gold. Priscilla trying to seduce subaru was funny. Also i think subaru has already come in contact with the witches.
12/11/2022 c5 Mangareader13
That is a lot of Subaru deaths.

It is rather hard to compete when a contender is planning to create the modern state, and everyone else is working on the logic of old epic stories.
12/11/2022 c1 1MRTrueCopyRight
man you could just say it in 3 or 4 sentences but no! you literally go berserk
the guy Below \I/
12/5/2022 c5 DashingSlayer101
Honestly, I am very disappointed with the anticlimactic way that Roswaal was defeated in this chapter. While I am glad that you seemed to remember the whole body hopping thing that he does with the part about destroying his soul, I don’t see any reason for that to happen here with him simply being frozen to death. Logically his soul would’ve just moved on to the next body in Annerose or better yet, perhaps Clind can be considered his backup bod in case of emergencies. Roswaal possessing Clind’s body does have some sort of aesthetic appeal to me as he is his accomplice.

Ultimately the way that I feel Roswaals death should have happened is with Roswaal being killed with the life sword, and given that you clearly know about this weapon, it baffles me that you didn’t use it here. This sword would likely then have to be wielded by Reinhard as while there are plenty of powerful swordsman in the world of re zero I doubt they’d be fast enough to succeed in killing him. After all if Roswaal is able to narrowly avoid a killing blow from the Blue lightning in Wrath if, I doubt that the likes of Wilhelm and Julius could be able to do the job. Well, maybe if they managed to sneak up on him but even then I think they would still need help.

The only other way to permanently kill Roswaal is to somehow prevent him from reaching any new bodies although I don’t think that would destroy his soul. That only works with Betelgeuse because he’s a great (likely artificially created) spirit with a special condition that needs him to posses a human body at all times. While Beatrice does know a spell that’d be able achieve the desired result, I don’t believe for a second that thing could ever be so simple to cast a spell on the court mage without him knowing. Aside from being able to make magic protection cloaks, apparently Roswaal also has a some sort of special eye thats able to just cancel spells directed at him with a mere glance. This being said even if Roswaal was unable to detect and counter a spell being used on or his relatives, something about the way Yorna’s commandment of thorns works makes me doubt that would just be the end of him.

Then now that you’ve taken out Roswaal you are left with a new problem: the oni twins. Rem upon hearing Roswaal’s involvement with the cult would be greatful to Subaru for killing him, but that’d only be the case if he’s able to convince her of whats bound to be a world shattering revelation for her. It wouldn’t be easy to convince her that this “fiend” isn’t trying to deceive her even with evidence. That said, it may not be impossible for her to accept it and trust Subaru given time, but the same can’t be said for her sister.

I firmly believe that even though convincing her of Roswaal’s involvement with the cult should be a cakewalk, Ram will still be the biggest issue. To start off, upon losing her horn she became afflicted with a fatal condition where she is constantly losing mana and will die if not replenished. Before Roswaal would serve as her life support giving her regular infusions of mana every day which he can no longer do. In order to save Rams life there are to basic paths you can take.

Option one is to somehow provide her with a steady supply of mana crystals that I believe are usually found in Karagiri, which will be expensive to purchase and ship to Lugunica. Although I suppose the twins could just move to Karagiri themselves and Rem would just work hard enough to pay the expenses.

The other option is to find someone to replace Roswaal in providing mana infusions, which is a tall order. They would need to have the same wind affinity and be powerful enough to have mana to spare, likely meaning a magic release period. Luckily there is a potential candidate that can meet these requirements: the great spirit of wind and murder Zaretia who is currently stuck in her never ending rampage in Karagiri and needs to be freed by Subaru.

That said even if Subaru does his best to help there is no guarantee that Ram would ever accept his help. In her mind Subaru had ‘unjustifiably’ murdered the man she loved when he should’ve gotten rid of the ‘source’ of his corruption, that ‘source’ being his book. She has never held Roswaal accountable for his own actions and only ever blamed his book, desperately telling herself that it had to have an unnatural quality that was making him do bad things instead of accepting the person he is as a result of the choices he made in life. Also she has trouble accepting that Roswaal would reject her in favor of pursuing a dead witch and would rather claim that he’s just being deceived by said witch. In fact whenever it comes to someone that she were to feel remotely jealous of other then Rem, she always tries to associate them with some of worst traits she can think of. That’s why she’s thinks of Echidna as the villain and always thinks I’ll of Subaru and to a lesser extent Frederica.
12/7/2022 c5 4luismmusic
One question, since he has lived countless lives, since apparently his authority works a bit differently than in the canon, is there no longer Rem in Subaru's life? Or that ship, it develops now that Roswaal is out of the equation, and the oni twins would be left serving the now queen Emilia? (Assuming that precisely Subaru has lived practically all possible routes and possibilities).
12/5/2022 c4 Guest
Ooof, eveil cat mode conspiring...shivers
12/5/2022 c3 Troughe40j
This is great introduction
12/4/2022 c5 5Orewall
Nice chapter
12/4/2022 c5 plav
No Subaru POV makes every chapter a series of vine booms lmao
12/4/2022 c5 3The Knightrider
Feel bad for Roswaal. He never gets the chance for redemption.

Would like to read fic one day or even Canon with Broswaal.
11/29/2022 c4 Guest
Please don’t have Subaru be cringe at the royal selection.
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