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for A Knight of the Vale

1/29 c12 1Milk and Oreos
man please drop the cuck fetish. no one here except you enjoys it.
1/29 c15 Tony McNucklz
An interesting duality. It seems while the father seeks battle in the Stepstones, the son will make war in the Vale. And against an enemy dragons are not a great answer to.
1/29 c15 alberto.arellano.alonso
Great chapter, intrigued to see how this inner ear from the vale affects the big board
1/29 c15 christopher.foy1
Great chapter! Your posts are a highlight of the week.

As an aside, I was very confused halfway through when the guard starts reflecting on the past. This section was confusing to me as the shift from present to past was very confusing. in the future clearer delineation between past and present would be appreciated.

1/29 c15 Immortal Potatoe
1/28 c1 BlackKnight6316
Update soon please
1/27 c6 Torhelm
Don't know why you had him lose the tournament when you had him say he was going to win it and the joust. If he loses the joust now, he'll be a joke.
1/20 c14 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
I'm so confused about the point of anything happening.
1/20 c12 Guest
.I kind of get the whole power balance thing and wanting to help and protect his best friend... but it's like basically watching someone sacrifice himself just to make someone else's life easier. But the truth is, he will only be a shield or camouflage to hide Jeyne's lesbian relationship.
1/19 c14 Guest
Bro where did you see him say anything, or even indicate about rhaenyra being a lesbian? Don't go looking for stuff or you'll find it
1/19 c14 Devin Devin
I see this chap as setup for future chaps, I dont see the lesbian stuff for Rhaenyra, maybe Alicent has some repressed feelings for her. I do believe her going to old Town is a play the Reynes to get some more clout. Other than that it was okay chapter, nothing to crazy happend. Though I am far more interested in seeing how Aegon is doing and how thats playing out
1/19 c14 alberto.arellano.alonso
Good chapter, intrigued to see what kind of role will the Reyne girls will play
1/19 c12 Guest
A question why Jeyne would say that Aegon could have a lover, if she as a childhood friend should know that he doesn't want to be like his father.

And does his mother know about the situation of Jeyne and her mistress in this possible marriage?

ps: ignore the bad reviews.
1/19 c14 12Hit1903
Was this chapter even necessary to the plot. It could be over in a paragraph and it won't have made the story worse. It was just a filler chapter
1/19 c14 Mthatha SA
Like I don't get it...I'm not expecting Aegon to be the ultimate Casanova and bag every girl in the whole 7 kingdoms right...I kind of get the whole power balance thing and wanting to help and protect his best friend... but it's like basically watching someone sacrifice himself just to make someone else's life easier. His whole marriage goes against the Andal traditions and religion, a religion which he holds close to heart and is a devout follower of. His honour which he prizes will be violated by his wife laying with another. Someone will find out and imagine that kind of embarassment. But even if someone doesn't, just having to live with going against his honour and traditions along with being used as a piece on the political chessboard. It's not something you want to read about

...I honestly don't get the point of all this...this whole story in which the MC isn't even the focus of. Out of 14 chapters I can say like 1 or 2 maybe have been from his's weird. And just reading this chapter for some reason I feel as though you're going to go the lesbian route with Rhaenyra...or maybe I'm reading too much I to it...

On top of that we hardly know anything about Aegon except his complicated familial and romantic relationships along with the fact that he's a literal cut out if any knight...we don't know anything about his ambitions, what kind of person he is, his drive, his way of thinking... absolutely nothing...shit's just weird to see...he's not even the MC of his own Story...14 chapters in and no one knows anything about the MC at all ...he's simply just there
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