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for Doctor Heartthrob, At Your Service

5/9/2023 c1 2D72
Nah man, Greg pointed out why this guy should have an instant kill order.

Calling clones "heart throbs" is obnoxious.

The fact Piggot instantly puts in an order for pod person clones of the wards, while being one of the few known survivors of Nilbog? Does not compute.

You're asking for a level of suspension of disbelief that would require a brick to the skull every five minutes. For literally everyone in the entire universe.

It honestly feels like you wrote this for people who are deeply familiar with an ultra-specific CYOA.

No matter how dystopian, Slavery is illegal in the United States, his Schtick would never fly with legal authority, even under cauldron's "Ignore Brockton Bay" order.

I opened this fic thinking it was going to be about a bio tinker trolling panacea, not a slave peddler who whistles past any moral or legal repercussions possible, and then haggles about grey money.

It doesn't work.
12/23/2022 c1 Abaddon Kikoskia
I'd love to see your build for this. I really like doing CYOA. I like seeing CYOA based stories even more. Thanks for your hard work, hope to see more soon.
11/29/2022 c1 AngelFaux
Very interesting premise, I like it, I assume he’ll be willing to make waifus and husbandos for both sexes? I wonder what Contessa and Dr. Mother think of this a Tinker that specializes in artificial parahumans sounds exactly what they want. I look forward to seeing where this goes. It feels like the kind of story that’s gonna have lots of PoVs from other people
11/14/2022 c1 Guest
I really thought this would be one of those cringy fica but these is surprisingly interesting and has a good premise. Really curious to see this continue
11/13/2022 c1 Brocole07
great idea so far hope you continue
11/2/2022 c1 Guest
love it
11/3/2022 c1 Jaoheah
CYOA* not CYoA
11/3/2022 c1 4Scorpion.Sorcerer7
There’s good potential in this. Good luck!
11/2/2022 c1 talltree3
The fic is good and well written and you've clearly thought through how this character exists in this world and their relation with the other factions I'm excited to read the rest
I came here from Reddit because I have no karma there I can only review your story here
11/2/2022 c1 3TouchMyKeyboard
zeonneus There will be interludes at some point, but none of the story is actually planned beyond a general "Story goes this way" sort of thing.

Also, you favoriting this makes my day.
11/2/2022 c1 zeonneus
This looks interesting. Will you be showing different POV's or just MC? Favourited either way.

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