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for A Slice of an Afterlife

11/5/2022 c1 1OpheliaMagicka13
My gods and goddesses that was good, especially the parts between Albert and Mooney. Albert “telling” her to leave him alone like she has cooties or something and being grossed out by her hairy posterior. Also liked how even though Sweeney was sensing himself getting closer to Nell, he still kept his aloof distance, still keeping him in character without making him some sappy mess. Very well told.

On an unrelated note, would it be possible to for you respond to just give me the exact steps to posting a story here? I’m a new writer and put up a story some weeks ago but for some reason (even signed out to test it out) it doesn’t appear with all of the other stories on the main Sweeney Todd page unless you look using the filters. How would I go about making it readable to everyone? I’ve reached out to the mods of the site for help and get no response. If you don’t wish to respond, that’s fine, just thought I’d ask someone.

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