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for Wolf in the Old World

12/16/2022 c1 5Ricardo753
ok interesting story

Some things could be corrected in terms of the text, as many sentences are redundant at various times.

But it's a minor detail

One thing I would like to point out though, is that there is a paragraph after the part where Jon accepts the knight's help, which is out of place and should be removed.

It is a paragraph that cuts off the flow of the reading, because it is not part of the chapter, but rather an author's note that seemed destined to be a final note of the chapter.

Another thing to point out, is that Jon Snow and the Starks are from the north

The north does not worship the seven gods

The north worships the old gods, so Jon swearing or referring to the seven is not correct, since in Winterfell the only ones who worshiped the seven are Catelyn Tully, the breeder she brought to help with her daughters, and maybe Sansa for all Catelyn's southern teachings

The rest worship the old gods, and in case you ask them, they always say they worship both the old and the new.
12/14/2022 c7 Josh b
Would love for them to run into gotrek and felix definitely would love to see dialogue between him and felix about their experiences.
12/12/2022 c7 bobbya1
really enjoying all of this. Super interesting interactions.
11/4/2022 c6 cudlypanda
This story is pretty good so far. I always love a story from the old word. Is he ever going to make it back to Westeros or is this story just Guna be him doing some gotrex and Felix es adventures in the old world.

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