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for Harry Potter: Unleashed

1h c24 Tuckersdad
this story is great. please continue it. i can not wait too see how powerful harry handles the other tasks
2/28 c6 Hadeen
Awesome story.
One word you put " diseased leader" when I think you meant "deceased"
Thanks for the chapter.
2/26 c24 3Scabbers1957
A classy and awesome story. I'll add it to my favorites and alerts to see what happens next.
2/14 c11 Jack0827
The Krum arch. I remember exactly when this story became poor.
2/6 c5 Wolverine442
British wizards deserve the world they have. Hopefully they’ll breed themselves out of existence. Harry should flay albus while feeding him blood replenish potion then submerge his body in a mix of salt and lemon juice, slip him draught of living death. Cut his eyes from his sockets also.
2/6 c4 Wolverine442
Aw I’m sad Vernon didn’t molest Harry. He also missed the chance to gouge his eyes out and cut off his manhood. Shame.
2/2 c2 3Thunder Demon of Noir
She has zero right to those questions, but allas we all know youre going to write harry as a complete push over so he will just spill all his secrets to ANT domineering female he just met 15 minutes prior.
2/2 c1 Thunder Demon of Noir
I swear to god if i think what youre going to have harry do or more specifically wear ill fuckin stop reading. If you so much as put a seal of some sort on harry ill fuck you up.
1/18 c24 3Charlee56
Well, it took me a week and a half, but I did read this magnum opus through. And it truly is just that: Opus!
I cannot understand your creative process exactly; it seems as if you've re-created the HJP Universe to fit Harry's needs, and you've made this WORK!
I cannot wait for the next chapter to come out, so this story is on my watch list. And DOBBY RULES!
1/17 c22 Charlee56
I just absolutely love the way the author has OP'd Harry! It's totally plausible in the way Harry has been discovering his lack of boundaries as applied to his powers. And to be able to t'fer some of his major magical mojo to his wife, THE most beautiful witch-woman going; he's gonna be a LUCKY MAN tonight, if there's any justice in the world!
1/17 c21 Charlee56
Sounds like a lotta fun, now that Harry's well and truly UNLEASHED!
1/15 c21 19DRAGONDAVE45
Harry could also just inscribe runes into the battery-packs of muggle electronic devices to enable them to be powered safely by magick.
1/11 c22 N. A. Wennerholm
With everything going on and revealed wuth those bent in murdering Harry they beed to ve put to death. After all the penalty for murder is death. Any way if I was there I would bring cousin Elizabeths executioners wth me ready ti execute everyone involved in this forbidden flascó . Their is to much about the nature of thus tournment that is criminal. Not using official entry forms. Not spelling everything involved with reguards to the tasks. S rhe partisapants are fully informed as to what they are signing up for. But since they did not they will say goodby you are forfit of your kidw and will be sent on for judgement in front of Yeshua and his father yahweh.
1/11 c17 3Charlee56
Beautifully, perfectly done. A true coming of age story.
1/11 c15 Charlee56
There's no such thing as a "riser" in a musical composition; a "Crescendo", yes.
And it can repeat many times if it's part of a motif (recurrent main 'statement' of the initial theme). But no 'riser'.
As for the rest of the chapter, beautifully done!
Assuming his Lirdship of a Most Anciente and Moste Noble House, Harry becomes a power unto himself; the Olde Lawes now all apply, including blood feud. And his demands upon the school must now be met by Dumbledore.
This is really getting greater!
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