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for Red Velvet

11/1 c2 Blackknight675
Great so far please continue writing it
5/20 c2 idotpart1
this is a really good hook, do you plan to continue?
1/14 c2 2Potato-Sama69
interesting concept i want more please
12/8/2022 c2 Guest
Great fic
12/9/2022 c2 2duked
Not bad.
I like stories with Sona and an oc as a pairing.
12/9/2022 c2 5Glasses Writer
It was like cake. Enjoyable.
12/9/2022 c2 UrAniki
ive found the story on spacebattles definitely hooked
11/16/2022 c1 please don't1
Well shit, I'm hooked and can't wait for more!
11/9/2022 c1 I Maserbate to Hentai
Legitamitley one of the best premises on this website. I am fully intrigued in where this story will go. Just no harem pls.
11/9/2022 c1 IsekaiFanBoi
I'm hungry for more.
11/6/2022 c1 TooLazyToMakeAcc
Very interesting premise! I'm also assuming you would keep it as a single pairing? I would very much like that especially since I actually do like your character.
11/7/2022 c1 shadowbird852
Sounds interesting so far, can't wait to read more of this!
11/6/2022 c1 Null-polaris
Quite a Beautiful start you have made here I am extremely excited on what you shall write next for this story
11/6/2022 c1 1Fortunes Failure
I love both the concept and what little story you’ve posted so far! It’s unique, intriguing, and has humor as well. I look forward to the next chapter already!

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