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for Spare the Rod

8/15 c4 Cal
Hello! I loved this fanfic so so much. It was pretty relatable for me, (the death part not the curse) and it was just a really great overall! Whoever wrote this keep on writing. Your great.
Love, Cal
6/17 c3 Guest
I love this story, please update!
6/5 c3 Ch10m4
Woww, at least someone's finally figured it out. I wonder if there'll be some that'll take advantage of this and will they even be able to adjust their speech or remember all they've somewhat forced him to do at all
4/29 c3 Pug in a tub
3/28 c3 1Alexandria.Nymphadora
Nico going to get help!
3/26 c3 Matt
Demeter is going to get a cruise ships weight in karma once, the demigods find out that she cursed Nico.
3/26 c3 27TETRACIDE
finally someone figured out! can't wait to see the gang's reaction to this and the horror after realizing what they've done to nico

i wonder if nico's allowed to write down what happened?
come on someone has to notice someone's off :'((
3/13 c2 El Espectador
Me muero por saber como continua esta historia
3/9 c1 Maalik
glad to see you're back :).
I was just studying for my exams when your name "Gwendolynstacy" randomly suggested itself to my mind like a bolt from the blue. i come to check and wow, you're back. uncanny.

your naruto fic was among the best I ever read on this site. I have not actually read Spare the Rod yet and probably won't.

I hope you get back into naruto fics as your stories were among the pillars of naruto fanfiction.
1/13 c2 1Alexandria.Nymphadora
This hurts

But I love it
1/8 c2 Matt
Sorry for my last post. Please continue the story.
12/18/2022 c2 1Rxyford
Awww I feel so bad for Nico
12/18/2022 c2 Guest
Great cant wait for next chapter
11/7/2022 c1 Rxyford
This is an amazing concept especially considering how much Demeter despises hades I can't wait to see what you come up with
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