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for Plausible Deniability

7/6/2023 c8 Jbug47
Very sweet, delightful story!
7/1/2023 c8 Joana A
Beautiful story! Thank you.
6/28/2023 c8 5SonicMessiah
Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
6/26/2023 c8 19dkcfan
Woot, woot, woot! They did it. I was getting nervous, but you have brought a huge smile to my face and heart. This was a great story and very well written, and so very enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Love it!

Take care,
6/26/2023 c8 Guest
I liked reading your story. The best part was reading castle getting a drink from a bubbler. Haven’t lived from that region where that saying is used for a long time but I enjoyed it.
6/25/2023 c8 39imdoingthiswhy
Nice conclusion to a story that ran smoothly and worked well. Letting Kate question and then have time to realize what she really wants and allowing Castle to realize being manipulative may not be best and giving her options. And the call to Lanie was a nice touch. Just enough encouragement and advice to help without giving away Castle’s plan. Well done. I’ll look forward to new stories in the future.
6/25/2023 c8 61Pen to Paper Writer
Amazing ending to a very good story. The text message that Kate sent to Lanie had eased her fears about what Rick wanted to do, but as Lanie brought up they needed to have an in-depth conversation about what they wanted.

It all worked out in the end and maybe if you think about it you could write a sequel. I know I would be here to read it! :)
6/25/2023 c8 malleys8
An Outstanding opening introduction to the membership of FanFiction contributing authors. Your imagination and writing skills certainly indicate a long period of writing to the interest and entertainment of those fans who consider you among their picks for Favorite Authors and stories. I will avidly await your future submissions.
6/24/2023 c8 mmw74
Great story-love all the familiar bits and your modifications too! Write more Castle please!
6/24/2023 c8 Guest
I loved your story! So much fun! I loved the pieces of canon you wove in and the extras you added. Please keep writing Castle stories! That's all I read on FanFic!
6/24/2023 c8 19wendykw
The final chapter is full of surprises. Thanks for the lovely story.

If your story is truly finished, you should change its status to complete. When I do a fic search, I almost always limit it to completed stories.
6/24/2023 c8 80castlefan6
Congrats Charlie.

Nice wrap-up, the only complaint was the time between updates, but good job.
6/24/2023 c8 10do-it-for-the-fandom
Gotta love a happy ending! It looked a little rocky for a moment there!
6/24/2023 c8 81Garrae
Lovely ending. Thank you!
3/27/2023 c1 malleys8
This is my first experience with this author's work. It will not be my last!

While the first chapter was comparatively short, I found it not only interesting but also quite entertaining. This chapter put this author and the story both on my Favorites and Follow lists.
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