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for Magitek Keyblade

2/3 c11 Juxshoa
Yes! Another chapter! It seems Sora is a bit more prepared in KH1 but I hope we get Prompto a Keyblade soon.
2/1 c11 Jostanos
Riku knows better than to trust anybody that isn't Sora, Kairi, nor Prompto, and that is a good thing.
The bad thing about his predicament? Maleficent and the others might be able to sway him after a certain length of time. But even that is to be determined.

Sora is going on his canon (mis)adventures with Donald and Goofy, but he has an edge/advantage: Prompto's tutorage! He has more experience than he would/does in canon.

Prompto has revealed what had happened between the time that Cor had attempted to save him from the compound, and when he and Noctis returned to Eos.

Why am I summarizing these events? For my own benefit of course!
It helps to not only clear my mind, but to also help me think of ideas for omake and reviews. :)

Speaking of omake... None at this time, Sci.
Please continue when you may. :)
2/1 c11 2The king of werewolves
May I suggest you skip the events of the kingdom hearts games timeline and go straight for the final fantasy XV timeline Can't wait for the next update And don't forget to post the next chapter thank you
1/12 c10 gehenna84
Focus on prompto but show the changes in kingdomhearts caused by his teaching the kids as well as Merlin and yen Sid’s reactions when they learn the kids grew up with prompto
1/11 c10 Jostanos
Matsuo: "Noctis _recovered_ well", Sci. "Revered" means that he has a deep admiration for someone.
I mean sure Noctis may "revere" Prompto, but he hasn't "recovered" enough from his injuries to carry him back to the Citadel. :)

me: Either way is fine with me, Sci.
Matsuo: EOS! EOS! EOS!
me: *non expression* Can in, Cadet.
Matsuo: *Sulks* Fine.

Both of us: Please continue when you may, Sci! *huge warm grins*
1/11 c10 Juxshoa
Another nice chapter! Although Prompto is the focus of the story, if there are any changes to the KH side of things because of him, maybe you should write a little about it.
1/11 c2 The king of werewolves
I think you should skip the KH Events And stick with the final fantasy XV Timeline
1/1 c8 The king of werewolves
Prompto and Noctis Is the pairing I suggest
12/5/2022 c9 Juxshoa
Finally read through the whole thing so far and I'm glad you're still working on this!
11/28/2022 c1 Juxshoa
Wondering what happened to this fic, but Ventus is way older than anyone else...just so you know.
11/25/2022 c3 The king of werewolves
When's the next update and can you please put the next chapter on
11/21/2022 c1 The king of werewolves
So when is the next chapter and do you plan on finishing the story and putting all the chapters in Please respond and let me know or at least mail me Thank you
11/17/2022 c1 The king of werewolves
Please continue your story. Thank you
11/17/2022 c9 Jostanos
Matsuo: *ahem* It is a bit too early to even attempt to guess pairings at this point, Sci.
11/12/2022 c7 Jostanos
Matsuo: Umm.. So is Prompto being sent back to Eos no thanks to the Darkness, Sci?

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