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3/26 c9 Guest
Please update
3/18 c1 jimmy.oz
Wonder if this will be a harem as well. not that it matters to me since i still wish justbored would complete his since it was really good. plus i never minded if it is just a single romance or a harem. you have some pretty good stories as well so i will put it in the follow section to see if it gets completed or not. same with some of your other ones today.
3/15 c9 Guest
I feel, think, that Albus is Charles father! Boom! Mic drop
Will we see Scarlet become an older sister figure to Harry and Laura?
Hope you come back soon!
3/6 c8 adamohov0
Жду обновления
3/6 c9 adamohov0
Будет ли Эмма Фрост в пейринге?
2/23 c9 Jostanos
1) Difficult to say.
2) May Charles' Father be... DUN DUN DUNN(ham): DUMBLEDORE!?
3) Again: Difficult to say. However.. I believe that "A Tickled Sleeping Dragon may wreak its wrath".
2/7 c9 erozoth
wtf, did the professor said Merlin's beard?
2/5 c9 Guest
Loved all 9 chapters and can't wait for more soon so excited! I think he's albus dumbldores son...
1/31 c9 13Kilo.Beta
thanks for taking it up. it was good before and as good now. thank you both for a great work.
1/28 c9 1Umbra Lycan
interesting story so far, glad to see it was picked up and won't be dropped, keep up the great work, looking forward to more
1/25 c9 2willam and jack and jake
love it can't wait for more
1/25 c8 willam and jack and jake
well done love it
1/25 c7 willam and jack and jake
interesting I wonder if what I think is happening, on to the next to find out
1/25 c6 willam and jack and jake
nice well done
1/25 c5 willam and jack and jake
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