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5/21 c19 suzakualbion
I like this fic and i read it straight from the beginning but i can’t stand how you flip flop between whether Ned claimed Daemon/Jon/Dareon/whatever as his or Brandon’s bastard. Make up your mind please.
5/18 c3 erwinajoc
'as it had been said Queen Rhaella had swallowed a book during her pregnancy. And it seems Lyanna had done the same and more, given Aemon's natural talent with a sword.'

gasped in High Valyrian, "So... Lyanna swallowed a sword? Oh my!"
5/18 c19 L3onidas
5/17 c19 FusionCoreReactor
This was a binge worthy read. Here’s hoping that you don’t experience writers block, given that I wanna see how this story plays out.

I’d rather this story continue, regardless of how long I’ll have to wait for each chapters release.

Kudos to you for writing an interesting story.
5/16 c19 Ariadne Venegas
It will be better i they take Jon away!
They need to come back to war on the others as the three heads of the dragon, but later much later.

Also they need to convince Ned to not go South! Because if he became hand or tie her daughter to Joffrey he will be against them.
5/15 c19 HawkEye75
This is one of my favorite cross over stories. I hope to see more chapters soon.
5/14 c18 PKnight18
At end of chapter you mentioned sending Anton to sunspear but he is passed away
5/14 c19 22Clavyus
Neat story so far. Nicely written.
5/12 c19 naruto
great chapter keep it up
5/13 c19 1Grinzwald
Like the story so far, but there are definitely some conflicting facts. Small things like Dana turning to Agatha. But like in an earlier review, there is the thing with Jon turning into Darian and then back to Jon. This isn't just semantics, as it muddies his internal feelings (supposedly being a bastard of Brandon vs supposedly being a bastard of the current Lord Stark and an unknown woman).
5/11 c19 Guest
Can’t Harry use his magic to reach out to Jon after learning bastard thing? A helpful dream like Dany’s case, can help gaining Jon’s trust before meeting him
5/11 c19 Chris
Oh damn I didn’t think it would be updated today but I’m very glad it was thanks author enjoyed it :)
5/13 c11 Grinzwald
I don't know if it was a purposeful change, but the Lannister Army during the Sack didn't siege King's Landing afaik. Aerys (under Pycelle's advisement) let them in thinking they were allies, seeing as Tywin was his old Hand.
5/13 c19 1sarah-rose76646
Wasn't the name of the servant Ser Oswell saved after being raped, Dana? Not Agatha?
There are a few discrepancies regarding the names of the OC's. Will point it out if I find any.
I can't wait for the next chapter, as I have been waiting for a long time for a confrontation between Ned Stark, Jon Snow, Aemon and last but not the least, Catelyn Stark.
5/13 c6 1Grinzwald
I'm confused. In chapter 2, Ned introduced Jon (Darian) as his son, saying plans change, now he's back to being Brandon's fake bastard?
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