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5/13 c11 1Grinzwald
I don't know if it was a purposeful change, but the Lannister Army during the Sack didn't siege King's Landing afaik. Aerys (under Pycelle's advisement) let them in thinking they were allies, seeing as Tywin was his old Hand.
5/13 c19 1sarah-rose76646
Wasn't the name of the servant Ser Oswell saved after being raped, Dana? Not Agatha?
There are a few discrepancies regarding the names of the OC's. Will point it out if I find any.
I can't wait for the next chapter, as I have been waiting for a long time for a confrontation between Ned Stark, Jon Snow, Aemon and last but not the least, Catelyn Stark.
5/13 c6 1Grinzwald
I'm confused. In chapter 2, Ned introduced Jon (Darian) as his son, saying plans change, now he's back to being Brandon's fake bastard?
5/13 c19 myafroatemydog
Great chap
5/13 c6 PKnight18
In the chapter where Catlyn intros Robb to Ned, Ned intro Jon as his son named Jon. Now in this chapter he never did that and he changed name to Daerion. But it was Daemon in first chapter as well. Just a heads up it’s not matching up
5/13 c19 3Foxy-Floof
Interesting. The Tyrells were never so naked in their desire for the throne, until after the War of Five Kings really started. They were content to wait, maybe snare Joffrey when he came to be the correct age...

I wonder what a House Tyrell, with all of its new blooms intact and unharmed, might do instead?
5/13 c19 1malinkody
Thank you for the update. Very excited for Aemon and Daemon to reunite.
5/12 c19 1OoOXylionOoO
A new chapter hoorrraaaa!
It was great too. It's nice that you are taking your time.
There will be hell to pay for his brother's state of mind, I'm sure.
Anyway, keep up the great work
5/12 c13 1sarah-rose76646
Everything else is ok, but Jon Snow's Arc is very confusing.
In the beginning, you wrote that Ned Stark told his wife and Father in Law that Job was his son.
Then a few chapters ago, when Ned comes back from the iron born rebellion, he meets Darian, who addresses him as Uncle and Catelyn addresses him well.
Then, in this chapter, he is portrayed as Jon Snow.
What exactly is the story plot for him, is something you need to decide on and stick to it. One cannot have 3 story plots for same person.
Either he Darian, his brother's "bastard", and treated well. Or he is Jon Snow and treated the same way as in Canon.
Which one is it?
5/12 c19 BioHazard82
Another good one.
5/12 c19 1Claudiomir
I love It. Thanks for sharing
5/12 c19 Reikon.Aijin
looking forward for the next chapter. Thank you
5/11 c19 marisares76
Thank you for updating. I truly love this story.
5/11 c19 MasterOfDragonsGod
Thanks for the chapter.
5/11 c19 Jack T. Writer
The story is still good as always, but I would prefer if you bring us some clarity, the story was originally changed to have Jon grow up as Brandons Bastard and not Neds. With the problems between Kaytlen and Jon being resolved by telling her, that Jon will get some keep, so that he can't take Robbs claim of Winterfell.
But now you present it differently, which is confusing and I truly don't get what is currently claimed to be facts.
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