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5/11 c19 RaZenBrandz
Thank you for the chapter.
5/11 c19 Myloman
I hope Aemon doesn't end up marrying Arianne. Of all the kingdoms, other than the North, Dorne is the one that should have his back the most. Making a deal giving them too much doesn't really make sense because they would end up looking weak not doing anything when given the opportunity for vengeance. Who would respect a lord that isn't willing to repay blood.
5/11 c19 TehStorm
Nice chapter. A bit unnecessary though as i felt the plot didn't really move here, just stayed the same.

Still, i REALLY hope you won't follow canon and have Aemon go liberate the slaves or something. I hope you will just focus on Westeros and the war to re-claim it.
5/11 c19 The-Funeral-Pyre
Thanks for the update!
5/11 c19 TSFreedom
Great chapter .
5/11 c19 chungorion15
It looks like Harry doesn’t have good impressions of his Uncle Eddard which I can’t blame him , he never told his twin about who he truly is , if he was a child Harry would understand but now Jon is full mature man adult and Eddard still hasn’t told him about his identity or his other family, and makes Harry think Eddard has malicious intentions towards his brother and for paring I’m voting for Harry X Daenerys Targaryen X Arianne Martell and Jon X Margaery Tyrell
5/11 c19 Wrixel
Thank you for another chapter.
5/11 c19 Ronin Kenshin
great work i got to admit i can't wait for this meeting with the starks lol that should be good awesome stuff
5/11 c19 jayod
great read!
5/11 c19 outrageously common
its just so frustating man they could have met this chapter
5/11 c19 outrageously common
god damnit man when Will we see them meeting
5/11 c19 Freund99
Great chapter. Great story. Made my day when I saw you updated the story.
4/29 c13 1Vmandy
There are inconsistencies in whether Jon was declared as Brandon's or Ned's child. In some cases hes referred to as Ned's while in others as Brandon's
4/26 c15 Venerabledemon
Aemon should forget his old morals and adapt. He won’t last well with his stupid savior complex. Don’t tell me he’s gonna forgive all the rebel lords. He should hang them as well as their kids. Ending their lands, absorbing their lands.
4/26 c12 Venerabledemon
Even if he doesn’t end the Lannister line, casterly rock should be acquired by the crown. Now that dragons are there would he possibly marry dany. Maybe even practice polygamy.
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