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4/25 c18 bobel1990
was a bit too much knowledge Lord Reed comfronts Aemon with .
you Jumped a lot in early chapters with Darion Deamon and Jon .
Ned told his Wife that Deamon was his Bastard Jon in the Next scene it is again brandons son And Everyone calls him Deamon or Darion in this Chapters its again Jon.

You say you fixed some things? where i just read the whole thing yesterday.
Story is nice tho even if its a bit slow.
4/21 c6 Batmanwolf738
Who is Darian and why is he calling Ned Uncle? I thought you said that Ned had named Daemon as Jon and made him his bastard?
4/21 c3 Batmanwolf738
Aemon was an idiot to draw a picture of ginny like what if someone saw? And seriously he's still hung up on Ginny like he wasn't even with her that long just move on, just like Ned is an idiot to label Jon as his bastard he should have just stuck with the plan.
4/21 c5 Sahamosveb
Chapter 5 and he is still a child!
4/21 c1 Sahamosveb
I hope this isn't one of the Harry/Denny fics. It would be boring.
4/17 c6 Guest
This chapter has not been revised yet as Darian still calls Ned uncle. Also there’s a bit about him being Brendan’s bastard. which I don’t know why you changed,it’s more logical that Ned would go along with what was suggested at Starfall.
4/18 c3 MasterOfDragonsGod
Great chapter
4/18 c2 MasterOfDragonsGod
4/18 c1 MasterOfDragonsGod
4/15 c18 Chris
Happy late Easter if you celebrate it author thank you for the update it was really nice with the continued building onto the world and our main characters I also really like the insight thoughts with Dany and the talk wo th Howlend regarding magic is was cool :)
4/17 c18 LunaLuna99999
So happy you updated! Cant wait for the next chapter and everyones reaction to the truth!
4/15 c18 Alex1402
Nice chapter.
I think Harry still has some time to get himself an army. A few invisibility charms and imperius curses can help him acquire lots of wealth and personal army.
Harry seems sensible type so he won’t be permanently eradicating any great house. But marrying Martell provides no benefit. There is an option of marrying Sansa, that gives him support of almost 3 different kingdoms. But his modern human perspective will not allow incest.
Same is the problem with Daenerys, she must marry someone inside Targaryen family. Letting a dragon rider marry outside the family is asking for future trouble. Especially with her 3 new dragons. But Harry won’t marry her. Same is the case with Jon. Only Tyrells are realistic choice.
4/14 c18 Guest
Love the story
4/16 c14 3jiubantai-taicho
Also please don’t listen to the idiot that proposed The MC and future King to marry the used Dornish whore and Daenerys I’m not against him marrying Daenerys if he can keep her from being the spoilt brat she was and frankly the one she is right now but he should Marry the Tyrell’s grain and numbers if anything else so that means he married Margaery if he then takes more than 2 wives then sure go crazy but if not then either Margaery and Sansa or Margaery add Daenerys too he could surely fuck Arianne and the Snad Snakes but that’s all they are good for certainly not wife material
4/16 c18 jiubantai-taicho
Oookkk more simping over Daenerys it’s actually cringeworthy but hopefully it stops now… As for the future I do so hope we get to see more soon especially since War seems to be growing ever closer as the Dragons mature and become bigger and bigger and the Royal Targaryen forces grow in number and training.
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