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for Chronicles of a Blind Savior years 1-7

2/22 c1 BlindFaunusGirl
A good start and an interesting story idea. I hope you will continue the story.
4/26/2023 c1 12SeveraSnape6
This is a cool story! I love reading disabled Harry stories. I hope you write more!
1/24/2023 c1 wiebenor
Haven't read this chapter as written by this author fully yet, but I must say that after coming from the year 2 book, I kinda expected for it all to either be re-uploaded all at once and continued from there, or more likely, just started after the current chapter in book 2 of the series, which, by the way, I was hoping would be able to be continued in such a fashion where I could just continue where I left off, in my reading.

All that said, before I get into this story, as the new writer is writing it, I would like to ask whether what's available as far as the year 1 book and part of year 2 book are concerned, will be changed much, or just re-uploaded until the current book and chapter, where I can then just resume reading from that spot?

Also, one thing that I want to point out, is that although I haven't seen many stories portraying Nevill as the "unwilling Boy-Who-Lived" that gets caught up in the fame, I must say that even though I have read the original author's version of the story only once, for some reason that parts of the stories involving Nevill's plotline just feels like I read it before. I'm by no means suggesting plagiarism, merely suggesting that given the HUGE number of fanfiction stories I've read, there are very glaring similarities to something else I remember reading, although I couldn't remember the name even if I tried...

All that said though, as I mentioned earlier, I do like the books as the original author wrote them so far, so hope the new author won't change TOO much of the current storyline, if any, while still making the story their own, as far as the continuation is concerned.

I'm definitely following this story...
12/23/2022 c1 KVEDW9647
I hope you can continue someday in the future. thank you very much for the story and courage to write it
11/12/2022 c1 3WhiteElfElder
At least he did not lose his sight due to the Dursleys; which he hopefully will never meet now.
11/12/2022 c1 8The Blind Apprentice
Hey, so I am actually also considering writing a story similar to this but from the perspective of a teacher that works with him as a child in public school and helps the transition for him to go to magic school. Whether the teacher will be hired on to help him or not, who knows.

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