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3/14 c8 5FnficJunkie
Atticus North has to be one of the coolest character names! I love how writing changes our original plans & preconceived notions!

This chapter was so warm and fuzzy. I love the peaceful quiet these two have together after years of marriage. “I’ll be your quiet.” ::swoon:: and he really is. He is her strong quiet strength soothing her anxiety from the meeting, or fear for Holly, or any other worry. His teasing was too cute about being a fusspot. I couldn’t help but smile.

It’s fun to see the Grants colluding over matchmaking with Ian. I love picturing your rugged Nathan still having these gentle conversations in complete comfort and security with his wife. What a guy rubbing her feet and lifting her effortlessly. Yes please.

I loved your author’s note & while I never doubted for a second that it was sweet teasing banter I loved your “Nathan Grant would never!” No he wouldn’t. ::sigh::

So glad that you’re continuing this! I must have missed your update email, but I’m glad to find it now. ;)
3/8 c8 7Missela
Loved the wakeup. Not so much the sad discussion about her manuscript. Loved Nathan being her calm and quiet.
3/8 c7 Missela
A great visit to Allie's place of work. I love that her bossman was captured by Miss Holly. Everyone seems to be!
3/8 c6 Missela
I'm enjoying the extended Christmas feeling! I was too busy with my own story to read more of this then! I loved the stop for pizza at lunch and the description of the subway. I haven't been on one. I've spent a day or two in New York, twice with my high school/University concert band. I know we had some free time and my friends and I went to the MET, Central Park, and Times Square, as a group we took in a concert at Carnegie Hall. It was an experience to remember 30 years ago.
3/8 c5 Missela
It was good to get back to New York and Christmas in this story! The sights and sounds are delightful!
2/20 c8 3Blemishes and Brushstrokes
Hi Faith,

Here I am, FINALLY reviewing your Chapter 8! Thank you so much for your patience!

Ahhhh, the beginning of your chapter, where N and E are waking up together and having their heart-to-heart conversation, gave me ALL of the lovely, warm, and peaceful feelings! Those feelings are especially appreciated and welcomed amidst my stress as of late! I know I’ve said this before, but you continually write N and E in such a soft, tender way that is perpetually such a joy and delight to read and generates a deep sense of tranquility—and your descriptions of settings always transport me to locations exceptionally and feel so comforting, like a cozy and encompassing fireplace!

I loved how you made reference to the two stray fir needles that had fallen on Elizabeth’s pillowcase, and noted how her breath made them flutter away. That was a wonderful little touch that simultaneously showed the beautiful imperfections of N and E’s reality, while also adding a dose of magic to it!

I also really loved your word choice when it came to Elizabeth’s unease: “frisson of anxiety.” “Frisson” is a novel word I don’t hear much of, and I actually had to just look up its definition (“a sudden strong feeling of excitement or thrill”)! It’s so fun to say! Frisson actually makes me think of the word “ribbon” (even though they aren’t connected at all, LOL) and “frisson of anxiety” also calls to mind “ribbon of anxiety,” which I think is a neat way to describe anxiety’s never-ending spirals! So interestingly, what I’m trying to say is that not only was the denotation of the word effective, but my connotation/associations with the word “frisson” added to my enjoyment of the phrase!

And Nathan calling Elizabeth his “favorite fusspot” was just adorable! I continually love all of the teasing you have them unload, lovingly, on each other. It’s so fun to continually come up against their playful exchanges in your chapters! Their humor is a joy!

It was so sweet how E thanked Nathan for his support amidst her fears about meeting with her publisher and thanked him for the way he “always give[s] [her] clarity.” Just another trait to add to the list of traits I’m seeking in a husband…JK! (Actually, I’m not really kidding—that’s a beautiful and key offering for two people to give each other—the gift of clarity!)

It made me laugh how concerned E was about her coffee getting cold—so concerned she didn’t mind her toes momentarily curling at the cold! That was a witty description!

Also, “dust a kiss on her cheek” is a very cute and refreshingly modest way to describe N kissing E—I loved that. Thank you for that!

And AWWW, Gabriel and Astrid had a bunch of boys, AND a precious little girl (that Gabriel was so relieved to have after all of those dear boys—that made me chuckle!), AND Sam and Lillian have such a beautiful family, AND Sam is being such a protective and vigilant husband during Lillian’s pregnancy...I LOVE all of that! Everything feels natural and how it should be in the worlds you’ve created for these WHC characters!

And…thank you for giving me baby fever yet again with your description of E’s pregnancy days and naps and N singing both her and the baby in her womb to sleep. (Insert happily crying/touched face here—if only Fan Fiction let us use emojis!) You’ve reminded me, fearful though I am of the whole pregnancy process, that it is truly a beautiful and AMAZING time!

The whole sock exchange really touched my heart, too. There’s nothing like the feeling of sweet relief when your freezing cold feet get enveloped by toasty socks, and Nathan supplying them to E and also rubbing her feet was just icing on the cake. How kind of Lillian to knit them for Elizabeth too! I love the friendship N and E and their family have with Lillian and Sam and their family in your story!

“He was her life’s greatest gift, second only to God, and she could try for the rest of her life and still never be able to sufficiently show him what that meant to her” — This line definitely caught my heart—just so sweet! E’s immense gratitude to N comes across so very loud and clear in it. Thanks for making your E the complete opposite of the…let’s just say questionable and unkind and selfish…E that appeared in later seasons of you know what…

And…the feels just kept coming, as the whole exchange where E looked into N’s eyes with admiration after he effortlessly lifted her was VERY endearing and *moving* (OK, SORRY, I couldn’t resist that pun, but I SINCERELY mean it—it was very heartwarming and gratifying and romantic, yet tastefully done…it also REALLY touched my heart!) And a blushing/humbled Nathan was adorable!

Okay, now moving on to the next scene of your chapter. I love Nathan’s “fatherly pride” in your story when it comes to Allie (and all his children!), and loved his comment that “A man would have to be blind or a dimwit not to be” attracted to her. That was super cute, and three cheers for Nathan for just overflowing with pride for his daughter!

As much as I am a romantic at heart, and I’m on the Allie and Mr. MacCord train/cheering for them to get together eventually, I also love Nathan’s logical responses about why “a path between [Allie and Mr. MacCord] may be complicated right now.” He just seems so levelheaded and rational in his explanations and his sensibility is very calming (and refreshing). But I’m also with Elizabeth—Allie and Ian DO need to find a way to get together! There must be a way! LOL! Also, Elizabeth and my mom are the same person once more in this chapter…matchmakers! ;)

I also loved these phrases: “the smile she was trying so hard to keep at bay sneaking past the sentry of her self-control” and “her eyes…were sassily whimsical.” The metaphors and imagery are wonderful!

OK, on to the next scene of your chapter.

Elizabeth’s outfit she wore to her meeting with her publisher sounds so gorgeous and fashionable! I did indeed research kyanite to see what it looks like—it’s so striking and lovely!

Your description of some of the books that lay on small side tables around her publisher’s room as being “sprawled wide as if their reader had been interrupted mid-sentence” made me smile. I enjoyed it very much! But oh dear, my heart sank along with E’s when Mr. North told her that her writing was “stale.” Ouch. But the way you’ve painted the picture of Mr. North—describing him as having “flickers of kindness softening his lean features,” eyes that “clouded with gentlemanly regret,” a voice with “a queer gentleness,” demonstrates that he is a very benevolent man at heart and is only trying to be honest…

As I mentioned to you last week, I REALLY loved the exchange between N and E right after E walks out, dejected, from her publisher’s office. N’s willingness to wait for her to share her thoughts when she’s ready, him offering to “be [her] quiet” in the meantime, their deep moment of connection in the hallway….this scene was beautifully painted and tugged at my heart, and it was very relatable—just wanting someone to “rest in the silence” with you, in the hard times, and be your strength without necessarily offering advice. I LOVED this so much!

Also, thanks for making me really HUNGRY with the last scene of this chapter! I am now craving eggplant parmesan and gelato even though I have A) Never actually tried eggplant and B) Am sensitive to dairy! LOL! I am glad E got away for a delightful dinner to take her mind off her predicament with her publisher and her writing challenges. Side note, I actually was able to get out for a nice late lunch/early dinner today, and it was so nice!

OK, so I now think I have *also* written you the longest review I’ve ever posted thus far, but I VERY much enjoyed dissecting your chapter, and I am SO looking forward to reading about Allie, Nathan, Elizabeth, and Holly’s sunrise adventure to Montauk Light House and seeing all that is to come unfold in your delightful story! Your chapters are always so comforting and uplifting to read, and your artful use of language is a continual treat!

I pray you have a fantastic rest of your week, my friend, and wish you very happy writing in the days to come! May “the muse” be with you, as they say! ;)
2/18 c8 Guest
"Let me be your quiet."

Well, swoon.
2/13 c8 Guest
I'm with Elizabeth, lol. I don't like eggplant either. But the Italians found a way to make it taste good and it was great seeing her enthusiasm falling in love with it.

And gelato. Who could resist gelato?

Love your attention to details, down to their waiter at the Italian restaurant. Swarthily handsome. Roman nose. Bit condescending. And just like that you've given us a mental image of a very minor character. Talent!

Love the married romance, the hinted at romance (Ian/Allie), the sweet family times with Holly, even the struggle E is going through now with her writing. I think she needs to talk to you about writing, lol. Give her some tips.

The Christmas Ball sounds like a potentially gorgeous event that I'm excited to see E and N at. Maybe Allie and 'her Mr MacCord' also, hopefully?

I'm interested in seeing the Brookfield characters show up. You've mentioned Lillian is pregnant. I'd love to see her with a baby, but not sure you have that in the cards during this Christmas. If you do, it'd be a Christmas baby and how cool would that be for her and Sam?! Is Hannah the Tremblay's daughter? How sweet that the oldest girls from each family are best friends. Love the Lillian-Elizabeth friendship here! A refreshing change from the default, much as I'm fond of Rosemary. Those knitted blue socks were a great gift, and the way you described them, I wanted to put them on *my* feet! Powder blue has been of one of Elizabeth's colors hasn't it. Although it's black with Luc s. I refuse to type his name.

Atticus North is as cool as his name. More of him please!
2/12 c8 17pn1thrasher
Loved it.
2/12 c8 dpmancill
Definitely vested here and anxious for continuation. Nathan should never lose his Mountie instincts. As stated before, Elizabeth needs to write what's in her heart. Evidently she's forgotten that little tidbit and just started writing the same story with different names. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
2/12 c8 sherried
Can't wait for the next chapter.
2/12 c8 6Eilie Hunter
As always I can ‘see’ every scene with your beautiful and picturesque descriptions!
Sorry for Elizabeth’s rejection but wondering if she can get story ideas from this trip to NYC? Lots of potential to write something fresh and new.
Holly is so adorable. My heart melts when Nathan interacts with her.
Looking forward to more info on Allie and her boss! Hope to see their relationship blossom.
Thanks for this beautiful story.
2/12 c8 Guest
I love how much he loves their little angel. ️ Girls need affirmation and tenderness from the most important man in their life and that's DADDY. (Otherwise they may go looking for it elsewhere and that can be an unhealthy road to travel.) Little Holly is going to be Daddy's little buddy as soon as she can walk. They're my favorite part of this (fantastically different) take on a married Lizbeth & Nathan.
2/12 c8 SaSeLi777
Such a sweet relationship! I have to say, Nathan shaped by his mom and sister, is one of a kind. Any man who can think of what his wife needs and offer it before she voices it is a man among men. Most are afraid to move for fear of making a misstep. Question is: Is that the man’s fault or is his wife too demanding and unappreciative, or is it a combination of the above!

Anyway, great story! OH, and Elizabeth…. the sunrise trip might be a perfect time for a matchmaking meeting with Ian
2/7 c7 Guest
It's Patricia again. I forgot to mention two things in the review I just left. Some days, I tend to think my memory has frozen, much like the snow-woman Elizabeth felt she turned into, trying to hide with Little Jack from Nathan in Blemishes and Brushstrokes story "An Apple for a Teacher", lol! And that brings me to the first thing I forgot to say earlier: thanks for mentioning her and her story, I was completely unaware it existed. It was delightful. I went over, gave it a Fave and a Follow, and left a review. Like I told her, I can honestly see why you two are friends. Her writing shows much of the same moral fiber and moral boundaries that makes me feel so confident/safe in reading your content/stories, and I also see a shared love of painting pictures with words for your readers. Plus you both share a like-mindedness regarding the dishonorable, gaslighting dumpster fire that WCTH has turned into since the flip. As do I. So thanks for that recommendation. I've found a good new story and another trustworthy author to follow/read. And also, I'm all for that quoted "boss-to-beau trope" being fulfilled here between Nathan's Allie-girl and her Mr. Mac.
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