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11/14/2022 c1 63KKD Silver
Oh my word, this has… so much going on I can’t put it into cohesive words on their own. So instead, I’ll just send my notes to try and get them out and hope things make sense. Thanks for at least trying to get back to this, bud. Looking for to Hero’s next proper chapter. And now… notes and rambles:

So the Toku worlds in this are connected to Kingdom Hearts’ Keyblade War. That’s a bit nuts, but it would make a cool origin story for a multiverse.

From there, all the Toku Worlds being separated is a nice touch to be sure. Then the merger made things a little confusing, though I still didn’t get why Cutie Honey was there, even with your head canon of her being in a relation with Hongo.

I do like the nods of the publicity photos of toku heroes connected by a world merger. But an alternate Thanos in the 70s causing things to go nuts? That’s pretty original. Still confused where the Mind Stone went as it wasn’t mentioned explicitly.

The explanation for Gorenger and JAKQ’s disappearance in the worlds when they split would make some sense from the sound of it.

Also, Cutie Honey leading to the birth of Sailor Moon? I don’t know if that’s a lot to process or a stroke of genius. That’s a lot to process.

And then the Power Rangers diverged from Sentai. Again, makes sense. But the death of Zordon transitioning to OhRed and Battle Japan meeting a revived Akarenger and Spade Ace was confusing. How does Zordan’s death bring back the OG Sentai?

And from here, the confusions of Showa and Heisei toku eras being distinct or the same begins with Tina. Oh boy, here we go.

Kuuga’s intro. Straightforward. Cool nod. A nice bit of consistency until…

PreCure? When did they split off from the timeline? This almost implies Sailor Moon was part of the Rider timeline due to Cutie Honey and PreCure spun-off into its own before briefly connecting to the Sentai world? What?

Glad you could make the nod to Den-O’s time and my preference for that season.

Why the focus on Ginga and X?

I’m surprised you didn’t include the merging of Rider worlds with Decade.

And then Tri no Sekai… wow, that’s nostalgic. Interesting take on iMac’s possible line, but overall, as brief as it was, that was a cool sequence. I still wish we could’ve actually created the endings for those stories and made those happily ever afters.

And then more of the Toku I’m not as familiar with. Ultra Orb… Ghost being Ghost, then the Mahou Tsukai PreCure?

And after all that, we see the mess that caused these to happen in Heroic Tales: KR Marth before jumping to the finale and how the worlds got messed up.

Then a sudden leap towards all the post April 2019 content. PreCure anniversary, Zi-O meets Den-O (yay!), then a flash to this story’s start. Huh, Deja vu. More flash forward stuff with Zi-O power ups, Ryusoul Gold, and beyond. Man, 2019 Takeshi was a mess about spoiler panic. Still don’t get the Ultra stuff.

Venom 2? We’re referring to Spidey adjacent content now?

There’s a lot flashing through for Toku before the sudden No Way Home content.

Not sure I get the last one prior to him waking up.

The Geats tournament was sprinkled in the flashbacks? Huh?

No Thanos in Toku Spider-Man given the lack of actual connections outside the name.

And seriously? Crisis on Infinite Earths was the connection? I thought I was Takeshi making a comparison?

Uh… you’re welcome for in-universe placement, I guess.

And that Zenkaiger nod was super subtle. Still a good touch, though.

Still, that was a lot to take in. It’s more like Toku highlights than anything else. Not much else to say here other than… Pika. You got some serious ‘splainin’ to do.

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