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3/23 c31 bobo77
The little bit with the flowers made me chuckle. I am really enjoying how you are weaving the narrative. Phenomenal work.
3/22 c31 Guest
Holy crap that was an awesome chapter and wonderful for his class mate to point out that the last person to use that weapon was a hero;)
3/22 c31 WhiteEagle1985
A great chapter here.
3/22 c31 2mwinter1
Wow thank you for such a long chapter. Had been wondering where you went to. Anyway that off my chest. Great Chapter. But at what point will you Have Harry stop having panic attacks. they should be getting fewer not more. Anyways. I can see Harry talking to Theo about the Danann to get more information about them. About the triple goddess and who the queen is? Awaiting more.
3/22 c31 bahnannah
Theo has my respect and a high five for standing up for Harry and handing the wizengeezers their asses. We all know the spear would disappear into Lucius’s pockets for “research” and Fudge would insist it was necessary. Good thing it’s got requirements attached. I’m kinda hoping someone tries. That’ll be the last time they try anything, I’m sure.

Hedwig isn’t a toy. She’s a special queen who needs her cuddles and worship.

The hind eating the flowers was hilarious. The wand is going to be epic.

Sirius and Zoe and Harry all have valid points about the gifts. I choose to believe that she wants to give him something in person and that the hind was part of it. That or hedwig decided Harry needed a visit and a sliver of horn as his gift from her. Or both.

Poor Harry. Panic attacks are not fun and he will always have PTSD. I have a mild case of it when it comes to storms. Been through too many close calls to not get nervous. When I say close calls I mean seeing and experiencing tornadoes and straight line winds up close and personal.

I like the name amaranthus. It was interesting to see what they found on Macha.
3/22 c31 LadyKirsten
Brilliant chapter. Love the ending
3/22 c31 Lawbringer
Wiooohooooo! Thanks for the update and I REALLY hope to see more soon!
3/22 c31 NuadhaArget
Dear Harry has found himself a mighty trinket. Let us see if the instrument the Wixen make out of it is any use in these isles~ Tell me Dear Author, what makes the antlers of the Hind so unique?

All but this has been foreseen and foretold. The Mother has placed the cards before us, and the schemes of the Maiden and Crone shan't be stopped either. If Dear Harry does utilize all of the resources available to him, especially with this new information at hand, he may yet live to see a new era.
3/22 c31 iamshinydragonmist
loving this story. though for some reason this just popped into my head will the fact that Harry used the gaag balug have any effect on voldermort's resurrection
3/22 c31 Sons of death
So. If death made the elder wand then would a wand made with the horn be around as strong seeing as this was the gold stag.
3/22 c31 ForTheHonor
Does the Hind look like Prongs? Is the Hind Prongs? Is Harry (after he deals with the psycho murder fairy) going to have to hunt his dad?
3/22 c31 6IKage7
Nice chapter a lot of character growth between everyone as they try to get along as a family for the first time and learn Harry's triggers also and wand with a hinds horn as it's core, I guess since he does not use a bow she decided on something else and was paying close attention..
3/22 c31 6Mando-Vet
3/22 c30 MrScorch
Gotta agree with Rmbfral's last comment. Pace is good, but some parts of the story (for me the fae stuff especially) are just not for me I guess. For now I think, I'll just get the update alert on and wait for how the second task fight goes and hopefully the Fleur whatever-tf-is-her-goal-besides-being-hedonistic-psycho (for lack of a better words) stuff gets resolved. Not to be completely negative tho, as someone who is forever scarred by Percy Guardian of the Hunt gets completely abused fics, this was joyride so far (Hunt-wise). :)
3/15 c30 Guest
Did that French bitch just killed dobby?
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