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for GrimmFall: Lost to None

3/30/2023 c6 2merendinoemiliano
3/29/2023 c6 108Lord Maximus
Great story. I am always glad to read a story part of the GrimmFall verse. Safe days, my friend.
3/29/2023 c6
So sad that Cayde just like the Destiny Universe and Lance Reddick died. But great job, keep up with the great work.
he went out like a fighter and helped changed the future. He and coop could have gotten along like buds, but least he told them where his favourite restaurant was. nice intro of the Iron Lords as Huntmens and how they fit into it. But nice reminder and least the GF verse won't have to worry about the Darkness, as it has enough problems on its hands like the fallen and the Grimm.

Least kiva will have something to remember him and maybe she would take the pistol to inherit it as a legacy.

And I was sadden when I found out lance Reddick died last week, he had such a cool voice and played Zavala cool, least they will give a touching tribute for his career. as an amazing actor.

In one of his quotes "Shaped by the fires of each new battle, we are forged and sharped into what we must become for the fight ahead."

great story and was fun.
2/12/2023 c5 108Lord Maximus
Nice work! Megas rocks this chapter and a catchy song to go with it. Looking forward to what comes next.
he took them down like a badass! I hope he makes it.

Liked the battle and the music, Coop's Vegas turning around kinda reminds me of the power rangers when a villain falls and explodes. but nice!
2/9/2023 c5 2merendinoemiliano
Quite badass
2/9/2023 c5
Great job with this chapter of this story. Great giant battle robots in this story and you mess up the song. You should check the lyrics on YouTube to fix it. Oh man poor Cayde. That fight between Cayde and Eliksni is based on Destiny 2: Forsaken Last Stand of the Gunslinger. Anyway keep up with the good work.
1/13/2023 c4 108Lord Maximus
Nice work. Looking forward to more.
you could put in a number for the info and brings he A/N to the bottom for information. Like how you gave the name for the Sonic version of the ancients as it would be confusing.

interesting story about why the Coalition had little help back then but would have thought the Union would have helped, unless they also had few into disarray like the others the timeline could be changed to prevent the collapse.

Never heard of the Megalith before which is a first for me. Wonder if the be any mention of the Space spawn from Gargoyles, which I think they need a better name since it was clearly a slang term.

So there's another mech for Megan to smash, nice!
1/12/2023 c4 2merendinoemiliano
Not bad at all, but seriously, how many international intelligrnces are around? Happy new year
1/11/2023 c4 14D.N.Works
Liking the backstory of the future and an explanation of some of the Sonic lore.
1/11/2023 c4
Great job with this chapter. Great flashback of Kiva. Anyway keep up with the good work.
Nice how coop Jamie and Cayde get along so well, and the part of the V8 scene I remember from the old CN advert, sure brings back memories of Freddy challenging them to a street race. No doubt in the future Cayde would have suggested the paint job for the original Megas and hit of a car lol

Liking the changes of the halo verse, so would this ancient technology be something of forerunner? I hope we don't have the flood or the halo rings, that could be a real problem. But given Kiva being from the 31st century I can guess it be a less likely.

also noted when you mention the Gaia union and humans, there are also mention of Faunus and mobians as well who were taken from Earth eons ago by the Gems. as some from Ben 10 looking more animal-like lsuch thunder big, the chicken guy be Mobians or descended from them in the GF verse.

Looks like the Red Legion could be involved which can only be trouble for the heroes. Wonder what it is Siviks is building or maybe working with the Glorft already.
12/26/2022 c3 2merendinoemiliano
Well done interactions, hoping you had a merry Christmas
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