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for The Death Mages shield'th time

3/26 c3 RIO23
This story is good and seems to have potential. Unfortunately, the writer has neglected this story.
12/27/2022 c3 Silverlobo90
How is time distributed between the world of Raphtalia and Lambda? For example, between the world of Glass and the world of Raphtalia there is a time difference, since a week in the world of Raphtalia is equivalent to a month in the world of Glass.

Lambda is even further away, so it would be possible for time to be about six times faster. A month in Raphtalia's world was equivalent to half a year in Lambda. When Vandalieu is in the world of Glass, time will move even faster, since 4 times 6 this equals 24, so one month in the world of Glass equals 24 months in Lambda, or 2 years.

The very presence of Vandalieu, be it through his blood or death-attribute magic, will cause his allies to go through a mutation, especially monsters, like in Lambda with the Goblins: Black Goblin. Orc: Orcas. Kobold: Anubis (new species) and other new species and even the humans that Vandalieu accompanies could change. Added to Vandalieu's guidance where all his allies in this world receive bonuses to their growth, not to mention some receive Vandalieu's blessing. With his abilities of [Strengthen Subordinates] and [Super Strengthen Subordinates].

Also Vandalieu could easily teach attributeless magic, how Banda is teaching attributeless magic in Origin, also Vandalieu could teach it here in Raphtalia's world.

Vandalieu's presence in this world, could be moving souls into the Vida reincarnation circle.

He could also build shields with the demon king's fragments and copy it with the weapon copy system, in fact he could also build the transformation kit here in Raphtalia's world.

Gubamon used the Demon King's shell, because it could also be copied, it would be a shield with some destructive power. Vandalieu possesses [Shield Technique]. [Armor Technique].

With the [Divine Alchemy] skill, she can create materials for her shield to absorb.

Because he has the appearance of a child, it's quite possible that everyone underestimates him, for example the church would think that he won't survive the first wave, not to mention that it doesn't make any sense to blame him for the same crime as Naofumi.

Note: Vampires also exist in Raphtalia's world, and they are also considered demi-human, so technically Vandalieu is technically a demi-human.
12/20/2022 c1 6jaimehuizar2005
fuck I was thinking of doing a death mage/ shield here but it seems I was beaten to the punch
12/19/2022 c3 GoldStar77
From what I have seen thus far, the dialogues are usually clustered into large paragraphs which makes it very hard to follow the conversation at times. That is why suggest you try to line break the dialogues more frequently to avoid massive paragraphs forming.

I'm interested in seeing if things will be different this time around as the sexual assault scheme that was used on Naofumi isn't compatible with Van as he physically looks 6 years old. So unless everyone is retarded then I doubt the accusation would work with him.
12/19/2022 c1 GoldStar77
If this is indeed your first try at a ff then I would say that you did quite an amazing job in doing the prologue compared to most first try stories out there by being able to blend Vandalieu into the world of Shield Hero. Some parts felt a bit loosen but nothing really major. Although I'm unsure how to feel about Vandalieu sharing his life at first meeting but the story itself is more of an ambiguous one to test the water so not exactly a thing to concern with.
12/12/2022 c3 hyakkironhierro
There is something very curious about legendary weapons, they are ancient spirits that manifest as weapons and forcefully summon the right users to resist the merging of worlds.
Because Ren, Motoyasu and Itsuki are attached to the legendary weapons, it is possible that they are under the effects of Vandalieu's [Death Attribute Charm], in fact that would be one of the reasons why they seem so cooperative with Vandalieu, not to mention seeming to believe Vandalieu in whatever he says.

Another matter is that death-attribute magic has the effect of strengthening and evolving spirits, so it is possible that the Legendary Shield, by being exposed to Vandalieu's magic for so long, the shield's spirit evolved and became much more powerful and will gain new powers and abilities and allowing Vandalieu to gain much more attack stats.

Vandalieu can use magic of other attributes thanks to the spirits, like when he uses fire used on Levia (note she is also an example of how Vandalieu can evolve the spirits as it turns him into a flame phantom).

Zuruwarn will have the Lambda Vandalieu visit the Raphtalia World Vandalieu, when he takes him for a walk when he had him visit Earth and Origin.

With the subject of Bitch I have some doubts, Bitch's soul is a fragment of the soul of an evil goddess, that is, Medea, the cause of the waves, which means that if Vandalieu breaks or devours Bitch's soul, it will cause him damage. very serious to Medea, how the time she destroyed the soul of Ice Age that was a Clone of the Spirit of Yupeon. When this happened, Yupeon received really bad damage that she had to enter a sleep that lasted quite a few years in recovery, which would mean that Vandalieu could cause her very bad damage causing her to faint and take several years or decades to wake up.

Raphtalia will mutate just like the races that inhabit the New Talosheim like the Hell Human, Dvergr and Hell Beast-kin. Thus gaining more stats and abilities how they possess more mana than humans, and likely possess the passive abilities Status Effect Resistance, Fast Regeneration, Enhanced Vitality, and Night Vision. Not to mention the Self-Strengthening: Guidance passive skill, Vandalieu's Divine Protection unique skill.

Since the Shield Hero is worshiped as a god by the other races, that means both the Shield Hero's worshipers and Vandalieu's allies will be guided to the Vida reincarnation system. Oh also his demigod ability will be always active here too.
12/12/2022 c3 27JensenDaniels32
It's legible, and I love this. I also find it hilarious how Vandalieu is nigh invisible to everyone here. X'D
12/10/2022 c3 undershield
Je, je, je Vandalieu teniendo la apariencia de un niño definitivamente la historia irá cambiando, puesto que ahora ya no sele puede culpar por el mismo crimen que a Naofumi he, he, he.

En algunos videojuegos existe la clase de nigromante y domador de monstruos, por lo que Motoyasu, Ren e Itsuki tal vez piense que consiguió una clase única de videojuego.
La habilidad de semidiós de Vandalieu seguro que se activara, puesto que en Siltvelt lo adoran cómo a un dios. Sin mencionar que todos sus adoradores posiblemente sean guiados al siclo de trasmigración de vida.
12/10/2022 c3 Galeon82
Well it is an advance from a different point but more than valid, how can Aulcraid with his associates to conspire against Van when he is so difficult to find to frame him for another crime when his appearance is that of a child this would be complicated, even so Van He inadvertently obtained valuable intel, although it may not seem like it, Ren saw firsthand how they tried to mask information from him, a slight flash but enough to raise some flag.
It's interesting to see how Van's original magic doesn't act as usual as it would on Lamda, this reminds me of how the laws of Physics don't apply in the same way on Lamda as the suederia in Origin or Earth alone that in this case what is affected is magic.
But a reminder that the Sacred Weapons adapt according to the knowledge possessed by their carriers could establish that for Heroes like their companions that Jobs like Titles can grant them certain unexpected Bonuses, after all Motoyasu, Itsuki like Ren saw how Van Getting a new form of shield outside of the methods they know is a possibility.
I can only wait to see if Ren can meet Van in Erhard's shop, it could prepare the waters for the future in the encounter of him with his slave Raphtalia as more information that he did not know.


Bueno es una avance desde un punto distinto pero mas que valido, como puede Aulcraid con sus asociados para conspirar contra Van cuando es tan dificil de encontar para emarcarolo por un crimen mas cuando su apariencia es la de un niño esto seria complicado, aun asi Van consigui de manera inavertida una intel valiosa auque no lo parezca mas aun es que Ren vio de primera mano como es trataban de enmascar informacion de el un leve destello pero lo sufiente para levantar alguna bandera.
Es interesante ver como la magia original de Van no actua de como de costumbre como lo haria en Lamda, esto me recuerda a como las leyes de la Fisica no se aplican en de la misma manera en Lamda como los susederia en Origen o la Tierra solo que en este caso lo que esta afectado es la magia.
Pero un recordatorio de que las Armas Sagradas se adaptan deacuerdo al conociemento que poseean su portadores podria estableser que para los Heroes como sus compañeros que los Trabajos como los Titulos les puedan otorgar ciertos Bonus inesperados, despues de todo Motoyasu, Itsuki como Ren vieron como Van obeteria una nueva froma de escudo fuera de los metodos que ellos conozcan es una posibilidad.
Solo me queda esperar ver si Ren puede encontarse con Van en tienda de Erhard podria preparlas las aguas para el futuro en su encuantro con su escalva Raphtalia como mas informacion que el desconocia.
12/10/2022 c3 Alquimiauniver2500
Very good as the story is progressing.

With the matter of Bitch, it is complicated, for example, to say that a child raped her, it would be her who would be humiliated, since she could not defend herself from a child armed with a simple shield, it would be the mockery of all Melromarc. That would also explain hers because she didn't want to be part of her group.

It should be mentioned that before the heroes were summoned, Bitch had killed a lot of innocent people, so there had to be a lot of hateful spirits around her to warn Vandalieu of her intentions.

One doubt, in the novel Death Mage, in Lambda there are also Demi-Humans and they also mutated with Vandalieu's blood, which means that Raphtalia will have a mutation where her statistics increase and she obtains new abilities.
You are also going to use only characters that have come out or you are going to add some OC.
12/1/2022 c2 undershield
Je, je, je Muchas gracias por una historia con Vandalieu he, he, he.

En la LN se desbloqueará los siguientes escudos absorbiendo las siguientes agua sanadoras (Agua Mágica desbloqueo el Escudo de éter que proporciona una habilidad de recuperación de magia, Agua sanadora de Alma desbloqueo Escudo de energía que proporciona una habilidad de recuperación SP, Agua de fuerza vital desbloqueo Escudo de Aura que posiblemente sea una habilidad de recuperación EP).

Supongo que el entrenamiento para obtener la Energy Power (EP), como le irá a Vandalieu cuando entrene [Hengen Muso] y [Dragons Vein], puesto ya sea por las bendiciones de múltiples dioses o las bonificaciones de los trabajos Vandalieu, puede aprender nuevas habilidades en un tiempo récord.

Es posible que Vandalieu pueda hablar con el espíritu del hijo muerto del rey y la reina, puesto que en Reprise of the Spear Hero se revela que Bitch y Melty tenían un hermano, que era el hijo del medio de Mirellia y Aultcray. 10 años antes del comienzo de la historia, su hermano murió cuando Melty era una niña. Mirellia sospechó que Bitch envenenó indirectamente a su propio hermano para detener la alianza con Siltvelt.

Has oído hablar del medieval lantern shield investígalo, créeme te sorprenderás de este.

La cual será el destino de Rifana, si será posible que Vandalieu cambie su destino.

Puede hacer que Vandalieu devore el alma de Idol Rabier.

Es 100% seguro que Vandalieu devora el alma de Balmus, puesto que este sujeto le recodara mucho a cierto sumo sacerdote de Alda.

Glass siendo una persona espiritual sentirá atracción hacia Vandalieu, estopor la habilidad de Vandalieu de atraer a la muerte, ya sea espíritu, no muertos, o gente que esté muerta en vida, ejemplo Raphtalia.
11/30/2022 c2 hyakkironhierro
So this Vandalieu is a Banda-like clone.

Banda is a spirit clone of Vandalieu, created when Vandalieu tore off different Demon King's Fragments to give to Amemiya Mei, while he was guiding her and several other residents of Origin.

Which means that both the Vandalieu of your story, the Vandalieu Lambda, can gain new skills from each other, for example the Vandalieu of Lambda, can receive a notification that, you have gained the Shield Technical Skill, while the Vandalieu of your story is receiving notifications of recovered abilities. All this due to the spirit of the shield that still has a connection with Lambda.

Since Banda can also see spirit, the Vandalieu in your story should see spirit as well and get information about this world from them.

PS: You keep up with the Death Mage novel and the Rising of the Shield Hero novel.
11/29/2022 c2 Galeon82
interesting transition chapter the trio of gullibles are going to get a big surprise in the morning, but even so the curses attack again as I hate Rodcorte but hey it's not that it's Van's first rodeo for sure he will find a solution.
Waiting for the next chapter.


interesante capítulo de transición el trio de credulos se van a llevar una gran sorpresa en la mañana, pero aun asi las maldicionces atacen de nuevo como odio a Rodcorte pero bueno no es que sea el primer rodeo de Van de seguro encontrara una solucion.
A esperar el siguiente capitulo.
11/24/2022 c1 Galeon82
Oh yes Van-Kun in a new world, the fortune that is nerfed otherwise would break it luckily has his ace "danger sense: death" is functional.
I would be interested to see how the story develops from this point with a limited Van and how the other characters in this world would react to what Van would be like if they let him develop his powers.


Oh si Van-Kun en un nuevo mundo, la fortuna que esta nerfeado sino lo romperia por suerte cuenta con su as "sentido de peligro: muerte" es funcional.
Me interesaria ver como se desarrolla la historia desde este punto con una Van limitado y como reccinarian los demas personajes de este mundo a lo que seria Van si lo dejan desarrollar sus poderes.

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