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for Opportunity After Death

11/30/2022 c4 ArguableReader
Nothing grandiose, but generally great chapter all the same,
and Ha-hah, ahem, Up-yours Mister sailors mouth/Short Fuse. (Katsuki Bakugou)
11/30/2022 c4 Achatolic
This is fire keep up the good work frfr
11/30/2022 c1 NTMUGETSU
This is really well written and interesting and the quirk is very unique and cool. Really like the idea nice job.
11/28/2022 c2 ArguableReader
You know what's even more weird?

The fact that Katsuki used his quirk in the open like that, causing those fire's throughout the area,
and the so-called "heroes" didn't try to at least use any nearby fire extinguisher's to put them out.
11/28/2022 c1 ArguableReader
So basically what this guy is, is that he's some kind of human based, Celestial-Sapien then?
11/27/2022 c3 1Marcus De Gabriel
This has been pretty cool so far, his quirk is also pretty interesting , it’s not something I’ve seen before and I can’t wait to see what he does with it.
11/27/2022 c3 1WispInABottle
So good! looking forward to the next chapter.
11/26/2022 c3 3Raidentensho
very nice. though i do wonder if Kiyoshi will mimic "Saint Seiya" or 'Kamen Rider Meteor' for his Super Moves. looking forward to more. until then, later!

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