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for Argus Magus - case Atlas

4/4/2023 c17 3Gadget boy
Nothing too big happened here, but I'm at least to find out that Pyrrah saw the loss of her Semblance in a more positive light. Most likely pushing herself to go further than her canon counterpart since she now doesn't have a cheat move to fall back on. Hopefully she still becomes champion despite her handicap.

As for Rin's latest crisis that she needs to solve, I REALLY hope she manages to fix things while still making sure that Team RWBY and Team JNPR still got together in the future.
4/3/2023 c17 end5
That was a good chapter.
4/1/2023 c16 2Frank-K-L
That was really well done.
4/1/2023 c16 3Gadget boy
I REALLY hope Rin manages to turn things around soon. While I know building up the suspense in preparation for the climax is important for any story, too much failures on the MCs side is just no fun to read.

Also, whatever happens, I hope the original RWBY and JNPR members would still be together once we reach the canon time period.
3/31/2023 c16 end5
That was a good chapter.
3/27/2023 c15 Greer123
Interesting new chapter.
3/25/2023 c14 Nitesabes
I am actually glad the Ace-Ops fight was so simple because as you said, everything was against them. Maybe show Harriet actually getting a punch in before they get stunned due to her reaction speed and Marrow's lack of experience but that would only be a minor detail.

Also thanks for trying to stick to the schedule, self discipline is a fucking bitch to maintain so we wont really hold it against you if something happens and you cant meet it from time to time.

Thanks for the update.
3/25/2023 c14 end5
That was a good chapter.
3/24/2023 c14 BlindAsABat95
Weiss,*sigh* you dum-dum...
3/21/2023 c13 Gadget boy
I hope Rin manages to make a comeback after this. We haven't even reached the canon timeline and so much has already been irreparably altered. I hope some friendships still stay the same once we reach Ruby Rose's arrival to Beacon.
3/20/2023 c13 Z.L.C. genesmith
So, a quick question regarding the whole mind control thing: Is hitting someone really hard on the head sufficient enough to knock them free from the mind control?
3/18/2023 c12 end5
That was a good chapter goodluck with the next one.
3/18/2023 c12 Dasgun
3/13/2023 c11 Gadget boy
A bit sad that Rin wasn't able to reduce the damage this tragedy is undoubtedly going to cause for everyone involved, but now I'm worried on how this is going to effect Wiess. Her canon counterpart was bad enough, but this one will have a much deeper hatred for the White Fang. I hope some good comes out soon since this fanfic might become a bit too dark for my liking.
3/11/2023 c10 dragon slayer of death 98
i hope winter isn't going to be raped by the mind controller or his men, I hope the guy doesn't condone rape
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