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3/3/2023 c8 end5
That was a good chapter.
2/27/2023 c7 end5
That was a good chapter.
2/27/2023 c7 3Gadget boy
A bit sad that Rin didn't show up at all in this chapter, but it was at least interesting to see how things are going on their side of the story. Super excited to see Rin meeting Wiess for the first time. Hope they get along since they do have somewhat similar personalities, meaning they will either be the best of friends ir the bitterest of enemies.
2/26/2023 c6 2Orumon
To be fair, Shirou spent years practicing projection magecraft before
2/24/2023 c6 ALTER-BOT
The spell kinda too long.. Is that even battle applicable? Ill call this siting duck spell
2/24/2023 c6 2Frank-K-L
Oh, that was a fun fight, and I am glad we got to see Rin gaining more combat experience.
2/24/2023 c6 3Gadget boy
Very interesting relationship between Rin and Winter. Seeing them fight is also an unexpected treat and the combat scene is also pretty well made, so well done. Once again, I really hope Rin's first meeting with Wiess (and maybe even Whitley) goes well, they really need some more positive relationships in contrast to their father's overly toxic one.
2/23/2023 c5 Dasgun
2/20/2023 c5 Gadget boy
While the chapter is a bit on the short side like you said, you at least did a pretty good job in setting up the prelude for Rin's next big hurdle before Canon officially begins. In other news, I hope Rin gets along and become friends with Wiess since the Schnee household is truly a bad environment for any child to grow up from.
2/20/2023 c5 end5
That was a good chapter.
2/20/2023 c5 2Frank-K-L
The butterfly effect makes her canon knowledge way too unreliable, so I am glad she needs to stay on her toes.
12/29/2022 c4 Mugen-Muse
I wonder if Ironwood thought about the possible reasons why Ozpin and Rin might disagree with his decision to involve normal people in supernatural affairs. He may have a point about needing to know what the enemy could use against them, but the fact remains that he probably didn't even try to talk with Ozpin about the idea. From the sound of it, Ironwood just assumed his allies would oppose the idea and he chose to do it anyway. They could have had good reasons that would have either caused him to rethink the whole thing or just how he goes about the careful study.

Granted, Ironwood probably had good reason to be paranoid about Rin as far as the Winter Maiden is concerned, but trust is still a two-way street. The level of distrust he seems to display for Rin and Ozpin makes me wonder why he doesn't simply give the two of them some sort of trap intel. Maybe do the same for Lionheart and Goodwitch. Something like that could have been really useful in canon.
12/29/2022 c4 Random65
12/29/2022 c4 Nitesabes
Honestly depending on how much "Rin" is inside Rin she might just snap one day and Gandr everyone at this rate. She is a perfectionist being told to fix shit while having both hands tied behind her back and being told she can't even make eye contact with the problem.

Also happy new year, and thanks for the update as always
12/29/2022 c4 pogodog32
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