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for Danmachi: Remnants of a Thousand-Year Flame

10/18/2023 c7 ThatOneNerdyWeirdo
Has this been dropped?
9/21/2023 c7 2MongoStomp910
C’mon! Update!
5/12/2023 c7 Shen1412
thx for the chapter, well this is your story, and info is scrace so its fine to made some up, so long as the progress of the story is fine
3/31/2023 c2 Dat-boi-waddup
You say No genuine last boss in a story could be beat by a shikai but then you have someone like Kenpachi who could probably Body this dragon without even knowing his Shikai's name so it just depends on how strong the wielder is and the last biss of his verse
3/31/2023 c1 Dat-boi-waddup
Damn the guy who was using Yamamoto's Bankai is so weak that he needed the Bankai to even fight the dragon and the Bankai is even nerfed. Fitting since Yamamoto is too OP.
3/25/2023 c6 GoTeam
Please tell me that the bold Final was a hint to Ryujin jakka equivalent of final getsuga tenshou?
3/24/2023 c6 Guest
I could see Ren siding with Ouranos since I can't really see that many gods that fit with his personality and way of handling things, plus he's way too underappreciated in fics and mostly treated as an antagonist for some reason.

I currently see Ren kinda the same way as Hebi Sasuke, completely focused on his goal after "losing everything", plus the training arc with an almost immortal legendary figure, excited to see what you got planned next author.

Thanks for the chapter
3/24/2023 c6 Bakou legere
I suppose Loki still hasn't descended, canonically she met Finn her first member around 26-27 years before cannon so unless author wants her there (this is AU after all) I can't see him joining her.
I guess Zeus might be the best option since he lets his member follow their own ambitions and their own free will.
another option to consider (actually a thoughts I've had )
is the entity that is the system we know it's a female with powers akin to the gods (maybe some sort of higher deity? since she is Omnipresent)
anyway I'm really enjoying the story, easily one of my favorite cross-overs for danmachi.
3/24/2023 c6 UoDuh
Not gonna lie I’m kinda hoping he’s Loki’s first member. Feel like you can do a lot more with that and make a story on that until Ais catches up
3/24/2023 c6 Shen1412
hahahaha its showtime!

great chapter as usual, looking forward for next one

good story so far since it keeps on making me anticipate the next one but wait if he's still 100 before the main timeline, does that mean he won't be aging so much content to explore
2/25/2023 c5 Guest
With that much power, would he even need a familia...?
I'm quite sure he would turn even high level adventurers to ashes instantly.
Plus from his early dialogues with Aiz, he doesn't seem to held the gods in high regard.
2/24/2023 c5 UoDuh
I mean… it’s only right he joins Loki Familia once he gets to cannon right? A interaction with Riveria looks a lot more interesting if the other 3 characters are flushed out. I hope you update soon cause this story is really good
2/23/2023 c5 FlaminPhoenix25
God I love this fic. It just makes me happy. I feel genuinely torn about wanting to know more about the past and getting to cannon. One thing I am concerned about are these quests imposed by the system. It looks as if he when receives a quest by the system he then must complete it or he will face a penalty. Maybe this is just like you not explicitly showing the severity of those penalties, but the idea of the MC suffering immensely just because he doesn't want to do something seems harsh and annoying.

I'm hoping you don't do a training arc or something and just start going into cannon. How you do that makes me exited as well as nervous. Cause like, if he goes into cannon and he's still supremely strong, then any conflict the MC faces will literally turn to ash. My hope is he comes back as like a spirit with a Gentei Reiin, the power sealer for lieutenants and captains in Bleach, that he can only release if the System lets him or something, but that's just me. How you handle the MC in cannon events is definitely going to make or break this fic tbh.
2/15/2023 c4 heterochromia
Just binge read all recent Danmachi cross fics and found this gem. Been a month since it has been updated thought.

Will you continue it, author...? The setting as well as the writing style are really good, and I desperately need to know what will happen next.
2/7/2023 c4 Guest
When update
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