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for After Happily Ever After

9/2/2023 c7 4Bowserjrrules
What a story. Your description wrangled some wary intrigue from me, but the slow burn into the pairing kept me reading. Your characterization of the seven and Cinder were amazing. You used our natural doubts and tendancy to hyperfocus on our issues to craft an amazing plot. Jaune feels a little too dense, which did pull me out of the story a bit, but his saving of Cinder was amazingly done, if a bit rushed (tho that could be the three hours it took for me to read the story). Anyway, Excellent story, keep up the amazing work.
8/16/2023 c1 Guest
I don't think you understand what a god is. The only way to defeat a god is with another god. How are you going to defeat them with a tiny fragment of their own power? The gods defeated a vastly more powerful army in the past with no effort, how did they lose to RWBY and friends?
8/13/2023 c7 Marin249
7/30/2023 c7 iChaos
That was an excellent story. Your ability to portray Cinder and Juane in a realistic down-to-earth fashion is as good as it gets. I admit that it was still very difficult for me to reconcile Juane's feelings for Cinder with what she did to Pyrrha, but you managed to bring it all full circle in the end. Really, your insight into all of the characters was very much appreciated. Even if it was a bit on the fluffy and HEA side of things, that doesn't bother me because that type of ending is largely why I enjoy fanfiction in the first place. So all I can say is thanks for sharing this, I thought it was great.
7/28/2023 c7 16BukkakeNoJutsu
This was fantastic!
6/8/2023 c1 Guest
wow what a premise!
5/17/2023 c1 Guest
I read through the entirety of this over the evening, and I had no idea it was over 80,000 words long! That's how entranced I was with your writing and storytelling. Seriously, if RWBY doesn't end on a similar note to this, I don't want it. Great job, and I look forward to your other stories!
4/14/2023 c7 Kodus
Oh boy what a story! I thoroughly enjoyed this the whole way though. What an interesting take on the relationship.
4/5/2023 c7 Random Stanger
that shit was fucking beautiful, thank you
3/30/2023 c7 Gaiken
Great fic! Loved it all the way thru
3/26/2023 c7 Anon
It took me a good couple of months to finish reading this, but man it was worth it. I want to commend you on two points. First is Jaune's characterization. Maybe the bar is just on the floor, but I love that you don't write him the same way everyone in this site does. Quite frankly, your interpretation of Jaune might be my favorite out of all the Jaune-centric fanfics I've read. Second of all is how you've managed to make Jaune x Cinder believable. Truth be told, there are a plethora of aspects about your writing that I could gush over, but simply put: the way you understand characters and write their interactions makes it believable in this context for Jaune and the woman who killed his lover(?) to get together. I am blessed to have read this fic, and I wish you well on your future projects.
3/28/2023 c7 JimmySG0
This is such a good read. Easily one of my favorite CinderxJaune stories. Can't wait to start reading your other one!
3/6/2023 c7 3Gizmo Gear
Augh, cheese! My greatest weakness! I'm suvh a sap...

Thank you for this fic! As odd as it may seem, this is one of my favorite ships, and I partially blame you for that. :P
3/6/2023 c6 Gizmo Gear
This reflects my own mental state in a lot of ways. I've grown up my entire life recieving lofe and care and understanding from my family. I cannot understand the truly evil individuals. I can't understand never having at least one person that loved you...
I've been angry at the world, yet sad for it. I understand completely just how gray it is. I never went through all the things Jaune did, but I completely understand his position on things nonetheless. I suppose that's how empathy works.
2/15/2023 c7 pieisnice9
Just read the whole thing in one go, great idea and excellent execution. Great initial build, didn't feel too short or long. By far the best part is the dialogue, the character interactions really stood out.
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