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for Motion Sickness II: Advent Children

1/3 c11 2Argus456
Slippery slopes Nebel, slippery slopes...
12/27/2022 c9 Argus456
Money to buy supplies and information is still handy Nebel, just saying.
12/4/2022 c7 Argus456
Guess we'll be exploring through the perspectives of all of Cloud's kids huh?
12/2/2022 c6 Argus456
Ah right, almost forgot that aura has a scent in this setting...and that Junior hooked up with the Malachite sisters.
11/30/2022 c5 Argus456
Good to know Nebel isn't as OP as Cloud but give enough time and training and he'll probably develop into quite the powerhouse though I am curious about the new characters and their own abilities.

Still, I can see them imparting upon Nebel knowledge that they've gained from Cloud, for those that him him at least.
11/29/2022 c4 Argus456
Now I'm worried at how long that innocence will last...
11/29/2022 c1 6Wu Gang
I hope you keep reading anyway. Cloud was basically an OC by the time the first story ended. Nebel will be very much like Cloud.

Argus it's good to hear from you again.
11/28/2022 c3 SleepyKitten355
same thing happened in boruto, though he didn't die, he was nerfed af
11/28/2022 c1 SleepyKitten355
lol all those chapters ins the first story for him to go out like this, just to pass the torch to this nobody ass oc
11/27/2022 c3 2Argus456
Busted and grounded. Guess it's still too soon for Nebel to go out and hunt the Arc sisters. Though even if he stuck around and got a team, I doubt they'll be able to keep up.

Still, his own sisters have powers too so who knows...
11/26/2022 c2 Argus456
Well shit, Cloud only survived to die to his sisters. Still, even with him gone, along with the location of Salem's head, his sisters won't give up.

Worst case scenario, they'll restart Merlot's and Watt's research in an attempt to revive Cloud to pick at his mind. All while trying to get at his family.
11/24/2022 c1 Xealchim
Oh? A part 2?
11/24/2022 c1 bruh

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