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for Two Unbowed Crows

45m c8 ImHateful
I loved this! I can't wait for more! I love this Daphne so much and I love the relationship between Daphne and harry omgomgomg I love them I love them I love them! I was smiling so much when she came to his house and afterwards, also love the progression of their characters.

I also love how Daphne is physically depicted, I don't know what it is about golden yellow eyes with black hair but it just feels right and screams beauty and the beast or dark and mysterious or beautiful and deadly, anyways I love it so much!

I love everything! K can't wait I can't wait I can't wait!

Sorry for being so hyper it's just I enjoyed this so much and love!
22h c5 s0ra5000
this Daphne could make and horcrux given the "right motivation".
1/26 c8 Guest
Waiting for the next update!
1/26 c8 Rosier1389
Yeah i can see what Daphne meant with them being weak while sure they could care about her they are weak willed its damn sad
1/25 c3 Rosier1389
The cat has vendetta against Daphne wonder what she did to the cat to be on her shit list
1/24 c8 9CaskettFan5
I assume there will be petrifications soon. You didn't show any repercussions from what they did (on their first day!). It wouldn't be just a detention as their DADA professor wouldn't let this rest. We're missing some (potentially) interesting things. On the other hand, I expect there will be other interesting things covered soon anyway.
1/23 c8 DarcYen
Really liking this so far I hope it continues
1/23 c8 The Neko Enthusiast
Amazing as always. the late reply to my previous was no bother. Talk soon
1/23 c8 BMS
Good one.
1/23 c8 Goldrune09
I'm getting the feeling that draco has a lot of well deserved pain heading his way! Maybe he could be their first human sacrifice? If not Lockhart anyways lol.
1/23 c8 1TheBeyn
Happy New Year.
A nice and transitional chapter for what comes next.
Maybe if Tracey interacts more with Daphne they will become friends but I find it very difficult for many reasons.
Hermione is still a child and her view of the world is very narrow. It's going to be very difficult for her to be nice to Daphne any time soon.

But whatever, thanks for the chapter.
Sorry if any part of what I say is wrong, English is not my first language xDDD
1/23 c8 Slytherin Potter
I like how your Harry is coming into his own, not to mention him having more of a fun time with Daphne and Ron being more understanding. I believe Ron before the end of Christmas would be siding a bit more with Daphne as well while Hermione will start feeling even more left out.
The three having a laugh at Colin’s expense was kind of funny not going to lie while “perfect” Hermione, only when it suits her going into lecture mode. Them just walking out of Lockhart class on the first day no less was something else.
1/14 c7 1aerium
I love this story, but Daphne and Harry sound like they're going to grow up to be real psycopaths. not sure I can keep reading if this goes on. You are quite literally describing the habits of violent psychopaths in the making with your progression from harming insects to small animals
1/11 c7 Ellie.Cast4
I dig it.
I’m surprised by Dumbledore’s acceptance of Harry being at Hogwarts. In cannon he’s so concerned about the wards that he sends him back every year, everyone knows Dumbledore KNEW everything about his treatment (right? Just me?) and still insisted on him returning so to see him not say “we’ll this summer you can… and next summer will be enough time for everyone to cool off but don’t worry, I’ll tell you about it when you’re olderis refreshing.
I wonder in Daphne will meet up with him anymore over the summer, or what a well fed, rested, and read Harry will be like on Sept 1?!
Great chapter.
1/10 c7 Slytherin Potter
An Albus Dumbledore doing everything in his power to rectify the mistakes he’s made by leaving Harry at the Dursley’s is a wonderful take. Happy to know Daphne didn’t blame Harry for being unable to respond or send any letters to her. Harry seeing Daphne for an amazing determined best friend is everything you would hope for. Looking forward to more and seeing the home life of Daphne was a bonus! Screw Lucius, the bastard soaking in to much in the comfort of his home and petty lifestyle.
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