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for Two Unbowed Crows

17h c33 idealistideals
Honestly just woah. This story has got its hooks in me. I did feel like they were effected very fast but it really did put an emphasis on the great power great consequences. I do hope they dont have to go and murder every few days at the start maybe not need to untill after the 3rd task. Voldemort maybe? But all in all love this story and cant wait for more! Keep it up! This is a fun read!
5/15 c33 Sons of death
Dark love is so so hot.
5/14 c33 BMS
They knew there would be a price to pay but as long as they're together.
If they could make it to Azkaban I doubt the guards would even investigate their victims' screams.
5/14 c33 Surion1243
Waoh. What a chapter, I was not ready!
5/14 c33 The Neko Enthusiast
The clash is imminent. I feel for those in their way
5/14 c33 2Vernon Dursley
Wow that was dark lol. The consequences of their actions were surely far worse than Harry and Daphne expected, especially with how irritable they became towards each other, then appearing like corpses not long after. I’m curious how often they will have to cause human pain to avoid becoming like that again.

What I’m even more eager to see is the fallout of the Malfoys’ deaths: Draco’s response, the school as a whole’s reaction and whether Dumbledore or anyone else figures out Harry and Daphne’s involvement, perhaps even Ron and Hermione if they notice how much better Harry and Daphne look the following morning, coinciding with the death of the Malfoys in the paper. Whatever happens, it sets us up for a very intriguing next few chapters. Keep up the great work!
5/13 c33 LordLiberty
Tbh this makes me feel that this story should end up as a tragedy, with them both being killed by a light side wizard. They remind me of Sith Lords now, they either got to be redeemed or killed.
5/13 c33 yoto
bon chapitre
5/13 c33 raimondimi
Welp, they better get awesome wizard-fuckery power now, because transforming into a crackpot addict unless you torture other people sure sounds impractical!
5/13 c33 Rebell 01
It is getting darker.
5/13 c1 mindread
Great point on the stunning, but a more thoughtful response to the unexpected arrival would sabotage the development of this entire plot, as that closing scene so perfectly illustrated. Plus, as Daph noted to Lupin, her first instinct is always to AK.

The last few chapters & this culmination obviously echo the duality of a work probably even better known than HP, with the overdue Lucius punishment, overseen by Harryskolnikov, perfectly aligning with their collective will to power here, but once Narcissaveta arrives, the stronger WTP personality takes unnecessarily irreversible action in the moment.

Maybe TUC will refute C&P's central thesis by letting H&D magic themselves to both power and happiness, yet given the last few chapters - barring OP hand/wandwaving - strongly suspect they'll wind up trading the former for the latter by curtain's close.
5/13 c33 asjblackthorne
I don't understand why they didn't just stun and obliviate Narcissa, then torture her later.
5/13 c33 Guest
This story is disgusting. It was absurd from the start, but by now it has truly gone off the deep end. Quite frankly, whoever wrote it ought to be ashamed of themselves for coming up with such appalling drivel and inflicting it on the world. Anyone with an ounce of sense or good taste would have known better.

Still, it does provide a keen example of how NOT to write a good story, which is a useful service to provide to other authors. So take pride in still having a purpose to fulfill, after all.
5/13 c33 2uchiha cat
Well damn that escalated. Not sure where to start with this one honestly, but I guess the characters are as good a place as any. Perfect choice of victim though I will admit I wondered if it would be Daphne’s parents as the first victims. Lucius’ death alongside Narcissa will certainly change things considering the political ramifications. Incredibly far reaching not just in the obviousness of the Wizengamot but I also have to wonder about what happens with Astoria and Draco now. Seeing Harry take his first life in a twisted sense of justice for threatening Daphne was a master stroke in my opinion, as it still somehow fits his Character in its own twisted and warped way.

As for the chapter itself I am a bit torn. At first I liked the visible degradation of their bodies and Magic but it seems to come on incredibly fast and escalate even quicker. They went from looking tired and maybe hungover in the morning, to looking like horrific murder victims by that evening, to being almost unrecognizable by the time they went after Malfoy and seeming like they would be dead by morning. That seems incredibly rapid to me when they were just basically hungover the last couple days. It will be very suspicious and hard to hide such massive physical changes, especially literally leaking blood when Remus is a werewolf with a great sense of smell, if they come on so suddenly. I am also curious as to how often they will have to do this. My guess is once every couple months or once a month at most, since any more often will be hard to sneak away from Hogwarts to go murder someone every couple days not to mention if they get that bad that often a teacher is going to make them get checked out by Madam Pomfrey.

All that said I think you did a great job showcasing the price of such power. We are told drinking a unicorn’s blood will curse you and I think this is a great example of what such a curse would look like. The small details like only Harry seeing the Green in Daphne’s eyes were magnificent as always, not to mention Hermione and Ron still having their own role and not being forgotten in the background. It seems far to common for characters to get lost and forgotten in the background and I am glad that doesn’t seem to be happening here. Harry being confused about his natural disgust at seeing what is, quite frankly, a horrifying and disturbing scene that Daphne became, was a good touch to show natural instincts and conscious thought at war with each other.

I know I have asked about house Slytherin before but now I desperately want to see inside the house of the cunning. This will cause huge upheaval, and I cannot wait to see the aftermath. As always an amazing chapter with astonishingly well written characters, and I cannot wait to read the next one.
5/13 c33 Demonology23
Freaking awesome cant wait for more dark harry x Daphne this story is the best ongoing harry x Daphne heck its the best written it shows their consequences of their act and makes it bloody delicious
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