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11/23/2023 c24 3alix33
IMO sodding Fudge should have been on Daphne and Harry's list from the sodding start, that oily, odious, smarmy cretin!
Every fibre of my being agreed with a livid and distraught Daphne when she told Lupin "You're not here for us. Especially not for Harry."
11/23/2023 c23 alix33
I am so sorry Harry had to AK Sirius after Fudge's blasted dementors sucked out Sirius' soul.
I loved every syllable out of Sahpne's mouth in this chapter.
And Harry saying "I don't want to fight all evil. Just this one."
11/22/2023 c21 alix33
You meant for Daphne to think "it complemented the way she wanted people to look at her".
AW! at the mental pic I got of Padfoot/Snuffles playing with the snowballs and Harry.
11/22/2023 c20 alix33
The apostrophe is "teachers' " needs to be after the s, because all of the teachers of Hogwarts have their meals at that table. If only one teacher had their meal at that table "teacher's table" (the way you wrote it originally) would have been correct.
Who eats steak well done? EW!
Yum! at the mental pic I got of that chicken breast, carrots and other vegetables on Dumbles' plate.
Bless Harry for convincing Daphne to join him in healing Padfoot/snuffles.
11/22/2023 c19 alix33
Those crimson sleeping bags sound as cozy as the squashy purple ones in canon.
11/22/2023 c18 alix33
You meant "lived up to her role models Morgana and Circe".
11/22/2023 c17 alix33
You meant for Ron to say "wring his neck".
They're not parents! They disowned Daphne! They're IMO just a sperm donor and a gestational carrier since they disowned Daphne.
Did Daphne kill Scabbers?
11/22/2023 c16 alix33
You meant "sat down at the teachers' table".
I have only ever had duck as part of turducken at Christmas lunch, so I am rather curious about what duck breast tastes like.
I liked it that McGonagall noticed the mockery in Daphne's voice, while that odious dimwit of a Minister of Magic didn't.
11/22/2023 c25 2Vernon Dursley
Another great chapter! I re-read the whole story when I saw it had been updated and it’s even better the second time around! This story manages to perfectly capture such strong and complex emotions and I love it. In this chapter, I especially liked the first scene inside Grimmauld Place with the building of tension leading to Kreacher’s fate, and I also enjoyed (and always enjoy) the moments Harry and Daphne share. This story is firmly on its way (possibly already there) to becoming my favourite fanfic of all time, even above Birds and Monsters :0

Keep up the amazing work
11/22/2023 c15 3alix33
EW! at "candied rat".
And what does a wizard or witch who caught gnome pox look like (because you said that was the look Snape had on his face)?
You meant "energy for his teachers' childish bickering".
11/21/2023 c14 alix33
Harry dreamed of or had a vision of or experienced Daphne seeing her sperm donor and gestational carrier (because they disowned Daphne, after all, so they cannot be called Daphne's parents anymore) getting humiliated by Lucius Malfoy. And then Daphne dreamed of or had a vision of or experienced what Harry experienced when Aunt Marge and Ripper came to visit the other dreadful Dursleys.
You meant "first years' dormitory" because all of the Gryffindor first years, and not only Ginny Weasley, live there.
11/21/2023 c2 4DaDragon562
Loving how the story is developing. Is it intended for Harry to be like Lelouch while Daphne is like CC in terms of their pact and anti-hero mindsets?
11/21/2023 c1 DaDragon562
Interesting start, wonder how Daphne became an animaga given the transfiguration skills required are incredible...
11/21/2023 c13 3alix33
Well done, Harry, on transforming into your animagus form!
11/21/2023 c12 alix33
"goosebumps" should be one word, according to languages dot oup dot com slash google hyphen dictionary hyphen en slash.
Mrs Norris, I loathe you with every fibre of my nonmagical copyeditor/proofreader being.
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