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for Two Unbowed Crows

10/30/2023 c24 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Thanks for the quick update! Rather a bitter pill to swallow for Harry and Daphne it seems. Everything seems to be conspiring against those two... Glad to see that they remain committed to overcoming it all. Also enjoyed seeing Daphne confess her feelings to Harry. Rather disgusted at Dumbledore for failing to rein in the more savage inclinations of his students, but what else is new? His failure to act is forcing Harry and Daphne's hand. Going to be interesting watching things go sideways! Update soon please! Can't wait to see what's next!
10/30/2023 c17 rick
again why is a school girl throwing unforgivables around like candy
10/30/2023 c16 rick
never trust dumbldore he is a con man he sits on his ass safe in the castle while getting others to due his dirty work and face the danger for him he did it with newt everyone in the order and harry.
why did he never bother going after the hocruxs he did fuck all from for a decade while waiting for harry to show up at hogwarts.
10/30/2023 c24 2uchiha cat
yeah that is about what I expected and you didn't disappoint. Though I am terrified of just how much the two crows will learn from house Black's forbidden knowledge. I think that the final sentence of the chapter really summed up the mentality of Harry at this point, and I can't wait to see just how Dumbledore will react to the new Harry as what happened to the boggart is just a small sample I am afraid. Sirius' death is a tragedy that is going to give birth to the most power dark lord and lady the world has ever seen. I am curious as to how you will do book 4 as Voldemort is trapped in the mirror so his wraith and pettigrew is dead so Crouch Jr. wouldn't have been ordered to put harry into the tournament, though I could see this harry and daphne both trying to enter themselves into the tournament just to prove themselves. I am sure you will do it amazingly no matter what route you choose to take the story in from here.
10/30/2023 c24 Guest
I can't wait to see Harry & Daphne unleash some vengeance.
10/30/2023 c14 rick
right dumbldore tells 2 school kids last chapter about the things keeping voldy alive but he won't even tell the people who work for him and are in his order.
sounds suspect to me.
10/30/2023 c13 rick
right a school girl who is 12 suddenly use's a unforgivable witch by there laws is a 100% automatic one way trip to dementor ville and does not get in trouble for doing so pure shit
10/30/2023 c12 rick
well since the only place's in the ally to eat are taverns they have no fine dining places so pansy is once again talking out her ass.
10/30/2023 c24 Anee-1
As always, my biggest issue with your chapters are when I get to the end. I hate to wait. Great update, something I particularly liked, is how you haven't just dropped Harry and Daphne's pain, their indignation at how they're being portrayed as weak, you've kept their response, their character, consistent to this throughout the fic. Also important to this is how others treat them in response to this, which you didn't ignore, so we'll done there. I'm looking forward to others underestimating them in the future, I get the feeling Draco is going to have to relearn an important lesson again. I'm expecting them to return to Hogwarts and for general populace of idiots to have gotten over confident and ridicule them, to attack the fallen prodigies as they will see it.

Lots of things could happen from her on, but as long as you keep how others perceive and treat them as a constant element that is addressed, that they respond to and are motivated by, I'm sure it'll be exciting. I can't wait for Dumbles to truly realise how much damage he's done to them, and for Hermione and Ron to understand exactly how out of touch with the two of them they are. Like Harry and Daphne, I too burn for them, and I look forward to the day the truth is revealed and they get their justice.
10/30/2023 c7 rick
the greengrasses where never malfoys vassal's if your going to make shit up make it at beleavable
10/28/2023 c23 3HMRoberts



It's been a long time since I read anything that's grabbed me like your story has. Thousands of tales I've read and moved on - only a handful have ever reached the rarified heights like this.

Characterization. Story arc. World-building. Plot.

Every iota crafted with flair and the compelling effects of each step along the journey.

I am humbled to have had the pleasure and privilege of spending some hours tonight in the embrace of true literature. My deepest thanks and my sincerest wish for your muse to rise up and continue this expertly honed tale.

I am, now and in future,

Your Constant Reader;

Heidi M. Roberts
10/24/2023 c23 2Vernon Dursley
I absolutely love everything about this story so far, I can’t wait for more updates to see what direction Harry and Daphne go in next, following the events of this chapter. Amazing work
10/23/2023 c22 Fafnir the golden monarch
This has been a very interesting twist especially with the blood magick. Nice of you to uses Sirius death to strengthen Harry's resolve
10/22/2023 c20 Vaccarion
Amazing story. Please write more
10/21/2023 c23 BIGD666
Really what you have done with this story is amazing i look forward to me cant wait to see what Harry and Daph do the world and bring everyone to there knees
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