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for Two Unbowed Crows

10/20/2023 c23 ImHateful
Loved this chapter! I find the ones complaining about Harry being weaker than canon idiotic because being able to produce a patronus doesn't define ones strength, canon harry and TUC harry are particularly two different people in two different positions in their life, canon harry never was this dark or went down this road so of course there will be some differences such as the ease in which they would be able to produce a patronus.

Canon harry leaned into remus and spent more time on it while TUC harry didn't focus enough on it, it isn't because TUC harry lacks anything, it's just he didn't spend nearly as much time as he did on it than his canon counterpart.

Also for those complaining about Sirus death, it's truly ironic because he'll be dead anyways in less than two years in canon, so what does it matter of he dies earlier? Stop complaining and putting down this amazing story.

I enjoyed this chapter and can't wait for the next one.

My favorite part in this chapter was Daphne's willingness to suffer through pain just to be by Harry's side, I really loved that part so much. Probably my favorite moment in this story so far!

I hope you have a great day/night/week! Take care and stay safe!
10/19/2023 c22 Hank1967
This is a really enjoyable story. I love how you've crafted Daphne's character. She's sort of a combination of Luna, Bellatrix and our favorite Ice Queen trope. She is a very unique and vibrant character. I also love how you've re-imagined Harry. I like the direction the two of them are headed in, even if they skirt the edge of sociopathy/psychopathy every now and then. Rather understandable given their situations. I also really like how you've developed blood magic to the extent that you have. You've done a great job world building with that. Also like how you've moved Dumbledore forward as well. Glad to see him being more responsible than he is in canon. It's almost humorous that he managed to trap Voldemort's wraith in the mirror and keeps him in his office. Very original twist, that! Can't seem to get to the next chapter. FFN appears to be having issues, but I wanted to save your story as a favorite so I will receive updates. Great job! Can't wait to see what happens next!
10/18/2023 c23 WhatAFungi
Oooooo baby, another fantastic chapter! I cant wait for next time. I really like how dark this is getting and can’t wait to see more of the fallout with other characters, or the other characters reactions when they realize how dark Harry is getting.
10/18/2023 c23 BMS
Albus has no idea what he's started by forcing them to lie.
10/18/2023 c23 3Phosphofinite
Paiiin, i was hoping he would somehow survive but oh well. I like how rom defends Daphne and treats her as a friend despite Hermione and Ginny being more hostile. I'm all for Ron becoming their number 1 henchmen when the couple goes on their evil take over plan
10/18/2023 c1 Bluenait
...what load of shit
10/17/2023 c23 Gamer71796
I wish I could say I feel sorry for Dumbledore, but he has truly and royally "screwed the pooch" on this one, and the magical world will suffer the consequences many times over... I've got goosebumps just thinking about it.
10/17/2023 c22 ElementalMaster16
This is an absolutely amazing story! I love the pairing, I love the portrayal of Daphne and the influence she and Harry have on eachother. I hope to see more soon.
10/17/2023 c23 9CaskettFan5
I understand Harry's attitude towards Dumbledore but not Lupin. I guess he's too far gone to know that some people cannot kill, even for mercy. Dumbledore's plan only makes sense if Bones is a Fudge stooge (which in canon, she was not). She does come across as a cold hearted bitch though. Harry is certainly headed in her direction, or so it seems.
10/17/2023 c23 Lukoshi
Well that was unexpected, fully thought Sirius was going to make it out of that one. Not sure how i feel about them going along with Dumbledore's plan with Amelia but I guess I can understand why, I hope their revenge is swift and righteous
10/17/2023 c23 Separ
They really played along with that farce?
Feels off.
10/17/2023 c23 The Neko Enthusiast
The darkness is virulent. haha. can't wait for its complete release.
10/16/2023 c23 iiiiiioooooiiiii
I'm gonna have to drop this story u have somehow made Harry more powerful than canon but wildly weaker than canon at the same time and Daphne is literally a psychopath there is so many circumstances in this story that just perfectly go against Harry and so much unnecessary drama you literally have drama for the sake of drama which is awful
10/16/2023 c23 9PercyPendragon3
Good chapter. And I always loved the trope ‘us against the entire fucking world’. Curious to see how further they fall and how darker they get. Also, what is your version of the lore regarding the Dementor's kiss? Was Sirius' soul permanently lost in the Dementor's belly, taking away his chance to reach whatever version of afterlife there is? Or is it something different?
10/16/2023 c23 3PrinceAsmo
Great chapter as always. The setup towards the Goblet of Fire, however, is insane. I honestly can't wait to see how far gone they'll both be during the Tournament and what it entails. Which also means that something massive will happen with Dumbledore and the Mirror, and I'm all for it. Can't wait for the next one
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