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for Two Unbowed Crows

7/17/2023 c17 Romedov
Oh, fuq.
7/17/2023 c17 albus potter-greengrass
Is time to harry end the thing with granger y weasley girl I say giving away a broom and things are going to make her fall more in love, he should tell her that he is not interested in either of them and that it can give her a friendship that is painful but it is also jusride
7/17/2023 c17 iamshinydragonmist
whelp there goes pettigrew
7/17/2023 c17 The Neko Enthusiast
An update! is it bad that I dropped everything to read it? great as always.
7/17/2023 c17 1xls
It really frustrates me how Daphne (while still caring about Harry) seems to completely lack any remorse or empathy towards her actions. f.e she killed Filch's cat and yet shows no empathy for her depressed owner going so far as to call him pathetic. Aside from caring about Harry and being there for him there isn't any evidence she is a good person.
7/11/2023 c16 Anee-1
They're growing up, so cute. "Girl clothes"
7/11/2023 c15 Anee-1
Very cute seeing Daphne get a little bit more self conscious about her appearance, I look forward to seeing more of that. I wonder how their bond may complicate things, their relationship has been smooth sailing so far, I hope there are at least SOME difficulties, it'll be very boring and unrelatable otherwise.
7/11/2023 c4 Anee-1
"Sir Harry and sorry Daphne" that's really cute. I wonder if when they get a little older Daphne will tell Harry that he should treat her like a princess? Very interested to see how they will change as they get older
7/10/2023 c16 21Count Anarchy
This is an interesting story marred by some weird trappings. I really like the Harry/Daphne dynamic, far different than the usual stuff. She's reminds me of the Overly Attached Girlfriend, which I find funny. Just wish you didn't go the route of the usual Malfoy contract conflict stuff, and the whole psuedo love triangle/square between eleven and twelve year olds is a hard pass.
6/28/2023 c16 3Phosphofinite
Oh Sirius is definitely going to become fuel or an experiment for our power couple...and I'm oddly excited for it
6/27/2023 c16 spookygabby
I can't wait to see Harry's reactiion to seeing Sirius, and I can't wait to see Sirius' reaction to how Harry behaves.
6/27/2023 c16 BMS
Good one.
6/27/2023 c1 Spider of Dreams
Is this a remake of one of your older fics?
6/26/2023 c16 2uchiha cat
I am very much still hoping that they find out the truth before Sirius dies in this one. So many possibilities if they end up living with him over the summers and besides I think it would be an interesting conversation between him and daphne about blood magic since he was raised as a Black. As always I loved the chapter and I especially like the build up of their romantic relationship. Though I imagine the reaction of Ginny and Hermione will be pretty explosive when they find out.
6/26/2023 c16 9zugrian
I hope this time they don't kill Sirius.

Good chapter overall- especially the hint that Hermione is interested in Harry (or is it more jealousy of Daphne?)

Keep up the great work! :)
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