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for Two Unbowed Crows

2/27 c30 BMS
Great displays of magic by Harry and Dapne. Each fitting to the house the caster belongs. Though if Harry had killed his dragon they'd of had their lung when he claimed the carcus. Guess you didn't want to be cliche.
2/27 c30 9zugrian
Another great chapter- although I kinda wish we had seen how Daphne had threatened Parvati.

I liked how the ways Harry & Daphne dealt with the dragon showed the differences in their personalities as well as the way they use magic- Harry is more power, Daphne is finesse.

Keep up the great work! :)
2/26 c30 The Neko Enthusiast
Amazing as always. Yule approaches.. I can't wait!
2/26 c30 Mikeblade
bagman does not even know what animal rights even means or is it's a muggle thing after all
2/26 c30 Hank1967
'White as snow'? Did Daphne give Parvati leprosy? Or was it some sort of Disney princess type joke? That needs to be expanded upon... Excellent chapter! Enjoyed seeing how Harry and Daphne managed to win their tasks. You would think people would realize not to mess with someone who looks forward to taking on a Hungarian Horntail... Daphne's a scary little girl, who is joined at the hip with her Harry. You mess with either of them at your own risk. Looking forward to more mayhem with those two! Update soon please!
2/26 c30 Cipher301
Lol harry and daph are about to catch bodies
2/26 c30 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
2/26 c30 Surion1243
Great chapter !
2/26 c30 Kyuubinokitsune1995
Asking Dau shall receive! I just read your newest chapter yesterday and cannot wait to get this one! thank you so much for being so quick to update. This is one of my current favorite stories to read.
2/23 c29 Kyuubinokitsune1995
Damn loved that ending cant wait for the next chapter
2/19 c29 MarcusKole
Great story. I look forward to seeing where this goes.
2/2 c17 AnAddictedReader
Oh, damn indeed. Does this mean it's unlikely for Harry and Daphne to not enjoy the sweet dark knowledge hidden within the Black family library (according to fandom)? Can't believe a man that supposedly killed their parents when there's no filthy rat around as evidence.
2/2 c14 AnAddictedReader
Hermione and Ginny drinking one of the most insidious poisons known to humanity: hope.
2/2 c1 AnAddictedReader
Your warning at the end of the chapter has my attention. I'm now expecting corrupt Haphne! * *
2/1 c29 BMS
I like how Daphne shows concern for Tracy's problems despite her aloofness. Shows the influence goes both ways in the relationship.
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