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for Two Unbowed Crows

1/1 c27 ElementalMaster16
Very cool chapter!

Happy New Year!
1/1 c27 Romedov
Wonderful! Splendid! Marvellous! I can't way to see if there will be a debacle in the Slytherin common room. Now, knowing how vain the couple are I am most excited to see what will they make of the tournament. Thank you so much for this great chapter! Happy New year!
12/29/2023 c26 Mauro697
Started out as a very promising story, found myself halfway through wondering if I had ended up in an edgy Twilight fanfiction. Harry becomes a doormat in regards to Daphne, Dumbledore is a doormat in regards to everything and the plot is full of holes.

First half I'd give 6.5-7/10. Daphne looks promising, their relationship interesting, plot mostly holds.
Second half 2.5-3/10. No more character development from Daphne, everyone else goes backwards. Since the pool scene the story became sluggish and gave me too many 'wtf' moments. I'm sorry but I don't think I'll read any future chapters. Nonetheless, good luck!
12/26/2023 c26 kaskazi117
Please don't leave it here!
Keep writing!
12/21/2023 c26 Surion1243
Awesome chapter, this story has me hooked well ! Keep going like that ! And thanks for this story!
12/20/2023 c26 2Vernon Dursley
Another great chapter! The Dumbledore scene was very interesting and I love the idea of Neville and Susan as Harry and Daphne’s potential allies, and I wonder if that is where Tracey’s character is eventually heading too… Either way, I am very excited for the next update and for what the two crows do next!

On a completely unrelated sidenote, I re-read this story upon seeing the update and just thought I’d mention that the winter themed duel might be my favourite duel I’ve ever read haha, it’s brilliant! I also love how the tone of the story changes from the implications of Sirius’ fate, I don’t think I’ve ever eagerly anticipated new chapters quite so much as I do for this story. Keep up the amazing work!
12/20/2023 c26 BMS
Wow, lots happening in this one.
12/19/2023 c26 The Neko Enthusiast
Amazing as always. Back to Hogwarts soon. Can't wait!
12/19/2023 c25 BMS
A fitting end for Kreature.
Sad Harry lost Hedwig
12/19/2023 c24 BMS
Could have told Daphne Remus was useless.
Excellent chapter.

Sorry it's been so long. Lost track of things when FFN wasn't sending E-mail notices.
12/19/2023 c26 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Enjoyed how Harry and Daphne took care of the Horcrux that they had found along with Dumbledore. Would have loved to have seen the expression on his face as they did that! Rather enjoyed all of the H/D time. Glad to see Neville showing up in the story, along with some information about himself and Susan. Thought you did a great job with the Diagon Alley visit. Glad to see Daphne sticking to her guns. Also enjoyed the tidbit that she was made up like a goth. Rather like the thought of her looking like that... Looking forward to seeing what you''re going to do with World Cup Quidditch aftermath. Update soon please! Can't wait to see what's next!
12/19/2023 c26 2uchiha cat
Well that was interesting. It’s somewhat surprising that people cannot feel the darkness inside the couple, I mean Dumbledore knows it’s there and is just naive but I imagine someone like the real Moody or my veteran Auror would be able to sense it considering just how steeped in it the couple must be by now. I’m also curious, I assume Barry crouch Jr. is the one referenced at the end of the chapter. And the paper headline was much more aggressive than I thought the ministry would be, so are they not denying that this was a full death easter raid and a serious matter? The casual usage of Fiend Fire definitely worries Dumbledore, but sadly he won’t realize how worried he should be until to late I imagine. A great chapter and a good set up for the next year of Hogwarts. I think I may have to re-read everything because I cannot remember how many horcrux have been destroyed but It’s definitely quite a few so instead of Voldemorts rebirth he may truly be destroyed this Year I imagine.
12/19/2023 c26 Demonology23
Great chapter
12/19/2023 c26 Srychm
Albus Dumbledore's bashing is bad, but it doesn't mean a version of Albus Dumbledore that always agrees and tolerates everything that Harry and Daphne do whether it is dangerous or illegal is good either, There must be a balance somewhere.

I feel that they are too cocky, too pride full.
Maybe gives Harry and Daphne some taste of the real world.
12/19/2023 c26 Hxartlxss
Thanks for the chapter! Although I think you need to tone down Harry and Daphne's attitude a little. Now they look pretty much like edge lords, heh
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