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for Friendship to Home

3/2/2023 c34 11Eilie Hunter
Oh my! Yes, yes and yes!
Thank you for this wonderful chapter.
There is so much to mention, but I will try to highlight just a few of the moments I loved.
Thank you for having Jack & Tim invite Mitch to join them in Heartland Beef. Thank you for having them acknowledge his training and that he would be a valuable asset to the family business, plus be able to run the financial portion! Loved Amy's support in reminding everyone that Mitch has the training too. This entire section allowed us to see Mitch's ability to stand on his own, deserving of respect and admiration from them all. Introducing Mitch's desire to meet with Lou to get the run down on how she has handled Amy's business up until now, shows he respects what Lou has done, but will now be taking over that responsibility. The placement of that request was good.
I love how you revealed to us that Mitch wanted to partner with Jack and Tim, that he regretted that he couldn't continue and that he saw that keeping the Heartland name and reputation would benefit them all. No competition, or ego! Love it.
I am also grateful that Jack told him that the running of Heartland ranch wasn't something Mitch needed to worry about. Jack offered Mitch freedom to stand as his own man, as well as welcomed Mitch into the family and the business. Nicely done.
How adorable that Lyndy is so excited and invested in her new room. Mitch had an inspired idea to help Lyndy with the transition and move by having her design her room and to do it with her grandmother strengthened their bond too. Sweet of them to make the cookies too!
Loved that Mitch has planned ahead and given much thought to Amy bringing her business to his place. Adding on to the stable, building a loft, arranging offices and them realizing the separation of the offices would be helpful with Lyndy, since one was in the house.
Loved that Amy was concerned about the finances and Mitch could reassure her that he had the funds for their future. When I think of that run-down trailer he lived in when he came on as a ranch hand... LOL! What a humble, unassuming guy. Now, people will know he has been frugal and wise! Plus he shows Amy how he loves her and wants to provide for and support her (and their) success. Ambitious plans but amazing growth potential.
Finally, I loved the separate trips to the jewelry store. Amy's wedding band swirling around that special engagement diamond is beautiful! Love that they both have the rings engraved to match too!
All in all, I grinned through this entire chapter, my friend!
Thank you so much for bravely pursuing this story!
3/2/2023 c34 taucher191266
Wow, this chapter covered a significant time frame and so many details. Mitch and Lyndy's surprise with the rooms will go over great.
3/2/2023 c34 sherried
Can't wait to read the next chapter.
3/2/2023 c34 8Missela
A full chapter full of business and preparation. I like it! I like how the business situations worked out. Also, the plans for the renovation of the ranch to fit Amy's needs. I love that Lyndy's room is how she wants it and that she's excited to move!

Of course, their rings say the same thing!

Well done!
3/2/2023 c34 Reader2505
I truly believe that the chapters are getting better and better. Mitch seems keen to have a baby. I remember him wanting to have a kid with lou but she didn't want to.
3/2/2023 c34 SaSeLi777
2/26/2023 c33 Guest
Love this story! Can’t wait for more chapters
2/26/2023 c33 Missela
Excellent! Plans are coming along! Mitch's secret plans with Lisa. I like how he's always thinking ahead and taking care of Amy. And when he misses something he's quick to recognize his mistake. Another great chapter!
2/24/2023 c33 Guest
Wonderful as usual!
2/24/2023 c33 Reader2505
Thanks for the update. I feel like the chapters are just getting better and better. Perhaps lyndy could start asking more questions about how her dad died and it upsets amy because she has to think about it.
2/24/2023 c33 taucher191266
Another nice chapter, rich in details. Will Amy keep Flemming because of her business, as she did with TY, or change it? Sounds like Mitch is looking for a change...? Possibly a point of contention in the future.
2/23/2023 c32 Reader2505
Will there be another chapter soon? Sounds like the wedding is fast approaching.
2/17/2023 c32 Margaret Redmon
What a great story. I think Mitch's parents are so nice and he is living proof of how nice they are. They have really taught him well. Things are going well with the wedding planning because Mitch and Amy are now people who loose control and fly off the handle easily. They are much more even tempered than Peter and Lou. I don't think anyone could work with Lou without losing their temper some. She is so wishy washy and can't seem to make her mind up about anything. Enough about Lou, I really am not fond of her. She wasn't nice to Mitch. I'm happy that Amy and LIndy enjoyed church. I would love to see the 3 of them become active in the church for Lindy's sake and also for Mitch and Amy.I'm really loving this story, especially because I has already wishing that Mitch would leave Hope Valley and come to work for Jack again. Then I wanted him to become interested in Amy. You are a great writer, Thanks for posting your chapters so frequently. Sometimes it is frustrating because there is so much time between some of the chapters in stories being posted, I almost have to go back and reread to refresh my menory.
2/19/2023 c32 186nebula2
What a wonderful Christmas for all! The taffy-pull sounded like a lot of fun. Liked Mitch's idea of the tri-color piece for Lyndy. So sweet.

I thought that was a good conversation between Amy and Mitch following the service. I like that he was able to share with Amy about how the war affected him, especially if he still sometimes has dreams from the war. If it occurs after they have married it will not be such a surprise for her.

Lisa and Ginny bonding was nice. It is also a good way for Ginny to find out more about ty.

Lovely descriptions of the dresses. They all sound pretty!
2/17/2023 c32 1BetterThanWCTHSeason8WritersJK
Don't mind me just trying to get caught up again. I enjoyed the last few chapters of you bringing more faith into the story and I loved the part about the taffy-pull. I've always wanted to try it!
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