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1/29 c52 1BetterThanWCTHSeason8WritersJK
Remembering that scene from Heartland with Mitch and Peter with baby Lyndy was so sweet. Probably one of my favorite comedic scenes in the whole series! Loved that you brought it up here too.
1/29 c51 BetterThanWCTHSeason8WritersJK
Yeah! I think every child needs a puppy (or pet) to grow up with. I love that you gave Lyndy this. And her prayer at the end was so sweet and special.
1/29 c50 BetterThanWCTHSeason8WritersJK
So incredibly sweet! I loved the adoption ceremony and the moments of prayer with Lyndy.
1/21 c55 186nebula2
Get time to pass in a story like you did in this chapter an be a difficult thing. While I wish some of the sections could have flowed together rather than all the little sections I did like that we got to see snapshots of the passing days. It was a nice to see the important things without getting bogged down on things that were unimportant or repetitive. I like that Nina seems like she will be a part of the family - kinda like Ty's journey at Heartland. It's a nice little reflection of that storyline.

Nice job!
1/21 c54 nebula2
Loved the reflection on Mitch's part. Your resources helped you write his military/ptsd experiences very believable and respectful. I like that you are showing the ups and downs of their relationship. Not everything is smooth sailing all of the time but you work through it.

I like that Tim finally got a stone. I liked his character arc throughout the show and your honored that arc here. Nicely done.

Mitch has a stone at Heartland too - about time. I do think Amy is better suited for him than Lou. I do like that Lou is finally getting a honeymoon - I just hope she relaxes and enjoys it. The mother's day card from Lyndy was sweet!
1/20 c53 nebula2
I liked that you brought in a scenario with Amy job. I can understand how trying to write a scenario with her working might be hard but I think the way you handled it did it justice - enough information to satisfy without going into a lot fo detail.

I like the idea of Mitch having gotten a medal. I know the show didn't go into that part of his life but I am glad to see you exploring it.
1/20 c52 nebula2
Well, that explains the puppy quieting down quickly. What an adorable scene to open you chapter with.

I loved that scene with Mitch and Peter baby-sitting together. It was a nice one to recall and it worked well with your story. Loved the family celebration of Lindy's adoption and the start of the rocks for the Cutty's. Nice touch with Doc and Ginny picking the first two stones.

Loved Mitch and Lyndy's words. Very heartfelt and sweet.

The moment between Tim and Mitch was a good moment too. Another important step in their relationship!

Lovely chapter!
1/20 c51 nebula2
Awww...loved Lyndy getting her puppy. Wonderful addition to the family and the little puppy needs someone to love him. I wish my rescue dog was so quiet at first. He spent a half-hour to an hour barking at night before quieting down.
1/20 c58 11Eilie Hunter
i so enjoy the Cutty family and community that you have developed around Mitch and Amy.
In the series, Mitch always seemed to appreciate the connections with Jack and Amy's family, yet to me he was always on the outside and appeared to be so alone. I always felt his longing to belong as he is a family man.
Thank you for writing Mitch as such a devoted husband and father, as well as a son, and very wise and gifted in the ranching business. I love seeing his confidence and the way he has settled into his many roles. It is beautiful to read.
I look forward to his uncle, aunt and cousin's wife arrival and stay. I so hope that this will be a healing time for Claire and she'll connect with Amy and Nina. Great potential storylines.
BTW Don't be discouraged if you don't see reviews! A lot of people read and say nothing. Let the fact that they are reading encourage you to keep on writing and bringing joy to yourself and us readers.
1/20 c57 Eilie Hunter
Forgive my delay in reviewing this chapter! I listened immediately but life got in the way and prevented my response.
I LOVE. this chapter and just reread it now. Amy’s picnic is perfect, Mitch’s excited yet almost disbelieving response was adorable and realistic. His concern was tender and beautifully done.
I had to laugh about postponing telling Lou! So true, though good for humorous moments. Lou needs to see her sister as a grown woman fully capable of being a wife and mother!
I also love your inclusion of Psalm 139 since this will be especially meaningful to Amy with her new found interest in the Bible. If she could memorize the portion (helpful when set to music) it will be something to speak or sing over all her children as they grow up.
Well and beautifully done, my friend.
1/17 c58 Reader2505
Exited for the new couple. Thanks for more. Looking forward to what happens next with the pregnancy.
1/12 c58 sherried
I'm really enjoying this story. Keep up the good work.
1/6 c57 Reader2505
Such a happy chapter! Thanks for the quick update. Can't wait for lyndy to find out. Wondering how long they can keep it a secret from the rest of the family for.
1/3 c57 taucher191266
Another on the way! Looking forward to Lyndy's reaction to the baby. Is Mitch going to get a cowboy? It will be different for Amy being her husband with her throughout the pregnancy. Really liked how Amy told Mitch, very romantic.
12/29/2023 c56 Margaret Redmon
I loved this story, Amy and Mitch are the sweetest couple. I wish Mitch would be back on Heartland, and fall for Amy. I was really hoping that would happen. I wanted them to be a couple even before you began to write this story. I think they are perfect for each other. I can't wait for Mitch's reaction to Amy's news. He is going to be so happy!
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