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for Friendship to Home

12/15/2022 c8 SaSeLi777
Wow! So glad for the two of them!
12/15/2022 c8 8Missela
I'm so happy that they have each found home with the other. That was quite the kiss! Calling it a kiss doesn't seem enough, somehow. It was so much more.
12/15/2022 c8 taucher191266
The Stampede? It wouldn't be Heartland without someone seeing them together...hopefully not Tim! The Amy/Ty interlude was nice.
12/13/2022 c7 21pn1thrasher
I like this aspect about your story too.
12/12/2022 c7 1BetterThanWCTHSeason8WritersJK
Thanks to Kevin and his movies I can so clearly see the "Hi" and "Hi" :)
12/12/2022 c7 taucher191266
Nice conversation between them. Interesting that you had Jack discover them. Jack always did like Mitch. Tim will be just as bad as Lou after the way the cattle business played out. Looking forward to seeing how you portray the announcement and the pandemonium that comes after.
12/12/2022 c7 SaSeLi777
Yes, I love your note and how you have worked that respect for the previous relationship into the new relationship. Such respect is a true love… looking out for the whole person, the whole extended family.

And Jack! I just love him so much. Such a good grandpa. And I loved the relationship he and Mitch had!
12/12/2022 c7 8Missela
He implied marriage! I liked this conversation a lot! I also like that Jack is the first to know.
I agree with your A/N too.
12/12/2022 c7 EoinMac95
I'm really glad jacks ok with it, he always seemed like a father to Mitch
12/10/2022 c6 EoinMac95
loving this!
12/9/2022 c6 Margaret Redmon
Oh, I am loving this, especially since I have wanted to see Mitch and Amy together since before he and Lou were together the last time. I think Lou did him so ugly, seeming to be with him and then Peter would ride back into the picture and it was like Lou and Mitch each had magnets that just instantly drew them right back into each others arms. Knowing Mitch and Amy like I do, it just seemed to me that they were right for each other. I do however want to see Mitch kiss Amy. When he would kiss Lou, it was amazing and when Ty and Amy kissed it was like 2 13 year old's at their first party with boys and girls there. Have you seen on the video about Mitch and Lou kissing. That is amazing, I think someone has taken clips from footage of Mitch and Lou's kisses and put them together on one video with music. You need to look it up! Just do a search on for Mitch and Lou's kisses. I think that is the name of it. I'm at least pretty sure it has Mitch and Lou's name on it! I loved this chapter, but then I just adore Mitch.
12/9/2022 c5 1BetterThanWCTHSeason8WritersJK
I've always loved this chapter that it started with Mitch finding the saddle and instantly thinking of Lyndy.
12/8/2022 c6 21pn1thrasher
This story gets better and better
12/8/2022 c6 8Missela
A great talk! They are both feeling the same thing!
12/8/2022 c6 SaSeLi777
Im loving Mitch and Amy’s interactionsso much more relaxed than Lou and Mitch’s.
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