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for Friendship to Home

12/29/2023 c56 Guest
Another one on the way! Looking forward to following Mitch and Amy through the fun of pregnancy. Good that Logan is in the picture to keep the business going.
12/30/2023 c56 sherried
Love this. Can't wait for the next chapter.
12/27/2023 c55 Debbie Mattke
I love this story. Thanks for this new chapter. !
12/28/2023 c56 Reader2505
Thanks for another great chapter and for such a quick update. Loved this one and can't wait for amy to tell Mitch. I expect lyndy will be so happy and have ALOT of questions.
12/22/2023 c55 taucher191266
Wonderful chapter. The importance of family activity in your story is very special. Hope Lyndy gets her wish for a brother or sister.
12/9/2023 c54 Guest
Excellent chapters. I like how you always keep the HL traditions and Ty's rememberance imbedded in your story. I really enjoy how you brought an unusual breed of horse into the story and expanded Amy's experience. Looking forward to the next chapters.
12/7/2023 c54 Guest
I love this story and was so happy to see this update. Thank you!
12/8/2023 c54 Reader2505
Loved the updates. Definitely worth the wait. Have a feeling that a cutty baby should come around soon. Looking forward to whats to come.
10/11/2023 c52 Guest
I love this story. Thank you so much. I try to check for updates every week.
10/8/2023 c52 Reader2505
Thanks for more great chapters and for 2 at once. They were great as always. The puppy will be great for lyndy. Hope more is out soon.
9/30/2023 c52 8Missela
I have my kids track words in sermons sometimes. I did it as a kid, too. But my kids are awesome. Last weekend when there weren't children's programs during 4 of the 8 adult meetings, they said they didn't need to bring anything to keep quiet. They could listen. They sat quietly! I was pleased.

I loved the stone naming ceremony. It's a great idea. I also like how Doc and Ginny's faith is being shared.
9/27/2023 c52 taucher191266
Thank you for these two chapters. Lyndy's wonderful surprise of a puppy previously promised comes true! I like how she snuck down to sleep with him in his bed...that is so true to life. Jack's reaction to Mitch and Amy moving the stone ceremony to their house was nice. Tradition is important and binds the family factions together. Thanks for continuing your wonderful story.
9/24/2023 c50 Guest
Love this. Please update soon. Its been a while.
9/17/2023 c50 Margaret Redmon
This was such a sweet story. Mitch is a very special man ans so sweet and kind. The judge knew how special he was , too!
9/15/2023 c50 186nebula2
Awww...what a sweet adoption ceremony. Loved the line where Lyndy asked if Mitch was her Daddy in every way now. So glad that Mitch has the wife and child he so deserves. I loved that you gave the judge a little personality even if he is a minor character. Nice job!
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